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Personal Evaluation :: BlackLight Releases Video For ‘Lose Patience’

After releasing King Vibez Only last December, it’s nice to see that BlackLight isn’t planning on resting upon his recent laurels.  His latest single and music video, Lose Patience, is a high energy injection of audio and visual stimulus, all of which is live and direct with the intention of grabbing the attention of the listener/viewer and maintaining a strong grip.  The bouncy track serves as a roaming ground for BlackLight‘s lyrics of personal victories and rewards reaped, as well as warnings to anyone with intentions of derailing the trajectory.  The video is up close, personal, colorful and intense, all of which gives it a surprising strength and boldness despite its simpler nature and approach.  Overall, this is definitely phenomenal work, and wonderfully surprising growth from an artist who has already more than fulfilled his early promise.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for everyone to experience.


Happy Hour :: The Vapor Caves (Possibly) Wrap Up ‘Shelter In Caves!’

As April comes to a close, it seems that The Vapor Caves are also bringing Shelter in Caves! to a close as well.  For what could be the final episode, BoomBaptist and Yadira Brown shared a new song or two, took dedication requests from the viewing audience, and even shared a recipe for a special margarita.  While it is possible that the duo may extend their run into May, nothing concrete has been announced yet, but fingers crossed, we will continue to get content from the two in this format as long as shelter in place is a thing.  Until then, check out the existing episodes, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for all to enjoy!


Larp Arts :: Rob From Garden Street’s Joy Filled ‘FEEL’ Video

(iN)Sect Records has been busy as of late, with a steady stream of releases hitting the masses in rapid-fire fashion.  One of the latest gems is FEEL, a music video from new label artist Rob From Garden Street that embraces larp culture over a lo-fi breakbeat that sounds directly off of a YouTube playlist.  Dig the video, leave a like and a comment, share it around, and stay tuned for Rob From Garden Street‘s debut album, which is coming soon.


Jam Session :: BoomBaptist Goes Big With ‘Boom Shakalaka’ Release


BoomBaptist has become a master of the album rollout over the past year or so, as the multi-faceted promotional campaign for The Vapor Caves proved.  Boom put his creative genius to use once again for the release of Boom Shakalaka, his latest solo release on (iN)Sect Records.  Anybody who knows Boom knows he loves basketball, with the legendary video game NBA Jams playing a large role in that love affair, so it makes complete sense that the aesthetic of Boom Shakalaka would be inspired by and centered around the game and its connected culture.  The music speaks for itself, with Boom‘s signature swing and drum patterns nesting the multitude of samples perfectly.  To crown the event, Boom even performed live from inside an NBA Jam cabinet :

Check it out all, cop some of that merch, and spread the word!


Syndicated Soul :: The Vapor Caves Continue ‘Shelter In Caves’ Series

Week three of Shelter in Caves, a weekly hour-long stream brought to you by the Austin-based electrofunk outfit The Vapor Caves, was all about sharing new songs and fielding questions from the scenes.  Other than slight technical issues on Instagram, the stream was wildly successful, with the new songs shared not only sounding great, but getting folks excited for what the band has scheduled for release at some point in the future.  If you’re not already hip to Shelter in Caves, check it out every Tuesday night on your favorite social platform at 6 PM CST.


Funky Dividends :: Chief Doomsday And Henry Invisible Going Funk Vs Funk


This Saturday night, Austin-based musicians Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice and Henry + the Invisibles will meet on Henry‘s Instagram Live (@HenryInvisible) for their own version of the currently popular VERZUZ battle series.  In what may possibly be a short series, the two will set it off going funk track versus funk track.  Any and all proceeds obtained will go towards the medical funds of Lauren Bruno, a friend of Henry‘s in need.  If you find yourself free this Saturday night at 10:30 PM (CST), be sure to tune in for what should be a memorable event!


Props Session :: DoWrong Drops ‘Ambition’ Video

Austin mainstay DoWrong has never been one lacking the confidence to plant his flag as a top tier MC, and with his latest single Ambition, he’s got a proper anthem.  After connecting with Big&Little Productions, a video was made that shows how you can still have plenty of style and flash without a million cuts or locations.  The long take method works well, as it compliments the lyrical drive that DoWrong puts into the song, as well as the very memorable hook that stays with you after the track is done.  Check it out for yourself, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around to get the numbers up.