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Support System :: The Brain Explores Barfly Life With ‘Alcoholic Crutch’

United Front :: The Brain Drops ‘World Full Of Pain’ Single Featuring Doogie McDuff

Yesterday marked the birthday of The Brain, member of Austin hip-hop collective SubKulture Patriots and an extremely forward-thinking MC in his own right.  Although a day late, I wanted to make sure to give him props for World Full of Pain, a collaboration with Doogie McDuff full of introspective views on global suffering, optimistic self-affirmations and clever wordplay.  You can catch the track on the major streaming services, so go give it a few spins and playlist it up to help out The Brain!



Mind Scramble :: The Brain Drops Visual Science With ‘Many Questions’

The Brain, member of prolific Austin hip-hop outfit SubKulture Patriots, has recently been bitten by the bug that is visual creation, and in a giant step forward, has released a multi-layered instant classic in the form of Many Questions.  The Brain has always been known for writing that is both creative and dense, and his visual style follows suit to great effect.  The feelings of the questions provided juxtaposed against the eerie visuals are addressed in the song’s midpoint by the vocal sample, and the flip from hectic cutting against the questions to a bolder, longer take with an assertive flow for the answers gives the song great balance.  Definitely give this one a like, share and a comment, as The Brain says he has more in store for us.


The Golden Moment :: ‘Finally’, By Big Package And EVERYONE

Anom and Brokebread are good dudes.  The music they make collectively as Big Package is dope.  Over the years, they’ve worked with a who’s who of talented Texas hip-hop artists.  Finally is their opportunity to showcase the love they’ve shown and been shown… enjoy it, share it, and hope there will be another collaboration album in the future!