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United Front :: The Brain Drops ‘World Full Of Pain’ Single Featuring Doogie McDuff

Yesterday marked the birthday of The Brain, member of Austin hip-hop collective SubKulture Patriots and an extremely forward-thinking MC in his own right.  Although a day late, I wanted to make sure to give him props for World Full of Pain, a collaboration with Doogie McDuff full of introspective views on global suffering, optimistic self-affirmations and clever wordplay.  You can catch the track on the major streaming services, so go give it a few spins and playlist it up to help out The Brain!


Mind Scramble :: The Brain Drops Visual Science With ‘Many Questions’

The Brain, member of prolific Austin hip-hop outfit SubKulture Patriots, has recently been bitten by the bug that is visual creation, and in a giant step forward, has released a multi-layered instant classic in the form of Many Questions.  The Brain has always been known for writing that is both creative and dense, and his visual style follows suit to great effect.  The feelings of the questions provided juxtaposed against the eerie visuals are addressed in the song’s midpoint by the vocal sample, and the flip from hectic cutting against the questions to a bolder, longer take with an assertive flow for the answers gives the song great balance.  Definitely give this one a like, share and a comment, as The Brain says he has more in store for us.


Rapid Fire :: 5-D And Bronze Whale Unveil ‘Shrubbery’


SubKulture Patriots clearly left an indelible mark on the Texas hip-hop scene, and the waves of their creation continue to have impact to this day.  Case in point is the recent offshoot group known as 5-D (RuDi Devino and HBZ).  Together with producer Bronze Whale, the crew is set to make some noise that may cross genre boundaries in a way that is sorely needed right now for the hip-hop culture to continue to thrive.  Shrubbery is an uptempo ode to everyone’s favorite downer, laced with a bit of lyrical gymnastics to give it heavy replay value.  I’m definitely looking forward to integrating this one into mixes, and you should be getting your like/comment/share on so that 5-D and like-minded groups can thrive.


Big Moves :: CAPYAC Enlists RuDi Devino For ‘Fade Out’

Austin-based wordsmith RuDi Devino has been having a good run.  After finding success with SubKulture Patriots and Retr0gRaDe, he is continuing to find success as a solo act.  Enter CAPYAC, who have enlisted RuDi for a guest verse on the extremely catchy Fade Out.  The guest verse got merc’d, and hopefully, this will lead to bigger and better things for all parties involved.  Here’s to local artists continuing to make big moves and improving their status.


Enlightened Writing :: Salvasquared Releases ‘Peleamos’

On one of my daily content searches, the homeboy HBZ Brown from SubKulture Patriots dropped a link for an Austin emcee I was not familiar with by the name of Salvasquared.  The artwork for Peleamos was dope, and upon further investigation, I realized Salvasquared was down with Click-Clack, which is always a good sign.  You should definitely give Peleamos a listen, a share, and maybe even a buck or two.  Very solid listen, very refreshing change of pace from the norm.


Feels Like Home :: SubKulture Patriots’ ‘Austin’ Love

SKP has done it again, and this time, they laced a burner by my man Ruler Why.  This song shows the utmost love and respect for the hometown, Austin TX.  I’ll let the guys speak on it…


WATCH THIS NOW :: SubKulture Patriots’ “The Luchadore Connection”

This is EASILY the most entertaining music video I’ve seen in years.  Well thought out, well executed, and overall dope.  SKP does it again!


Not Forgotten :: ESBE Mural Time Lapse

Even when folks are gone, it’s good to take a moment and do things in honor of them.  Grind Life Films was on hand to catch DJ Aspekt of SubKulture Patriots as he put up a mural for ESBE at Castle Hill.  Dig…


ATX Gritty Style :: Rhyme Scheme With Cap N Kirk Of SKP

from the digital desk of Rhyme Scheme:

“Another Rhyme Scheme segment brought to you by Grind Life Films, Top Flight Djs, and Drank Epidemic.  In this particular episode we have Cap N Kirk from SubKulture Patriots, straight from Austin Tx.  Instrumental provided by Dj Ninja of BLACKNOTE Records!


Patriot Acts :: SubKulture Patriots Free Download


If these guys don’t win this year’s Austin Music Award for Best Hip-Hop/Rap, I will be extremely surprised.