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Street Wise :: T$O, Eric Dingus And Grind Life Films Connect For ‘Nevermind’

The Austin hip-hop scene, since day one, has been a diverse one.  For every backpack lyricists or abstract thinker’s rapper, you’ll find a street-wise, school of hard knocks rapper counterpart.  Recently, the homie Dominican Jay posted a video for Nevermind from Austin-based T$0, and it definitely caught my attention in terms of that street vibe.  The prolific Eric Dingus provides the production assist for the onslaught of bars, and the always on point team at Grind Life Films dropped a heavy dose of dope aesthetic touches on straightforward performance and candid footage.  There’s no need for extra flare or thrills on this one… this is hard hitting product for heads that can deal with the real.  You know the drill… likes, comments, shares and support are always welcome to our local creatives.


Long Goodbye :: The Teeta And Grind Life Films Combine Forces For ‘Sayonara’

Over the past 8-12 months or so, one name that seems to consistently pop up among Austin hip-hop artists is The Teeta.  I’m not gonna lie, it took me a hot minute to getting around and actually checking out his music, but one thing that never hurts in my book is an endorsement from Grind Life Films.  Enter Sayonara, a video I stumbled across while doing my daily due diligence of combing the internet for dopeness.  Needless to say, I am impressed upon my initial listen.  The sample on this track is used cleverly, the bars are super solid and hold weight while not taking themselves over-seriously, and The Teeta definitely stands out in terms of style.  My attention has been gotten… I am curious to find out more.


Skewed Perspectives :: Kryptol Haze Speaks On ‘Beautiful People’

One of the fun parts about curating a website is discovering things you weren’t aware of, and seeing that Austin has been my playing field for decades, I know there is no lack of creative energy in my sphere.  Kryptol Haze was a recent discovery I stumbled upon, and he is further proof of the diversity of Southern hip-hop.  Grind Life Films provided a nice, dark atmosphere for Beautiful People (dig the ode of inspiration at the end).


Rear View, Move Ahead :: ‘Leaders Life 4 Ever’ From LNS Crew And Grind Life Films

You already know the drill… LNS Crew and Grind Life Films is dope in any combination.  This time, they connect on a new track off Tank’s latest project 6 Shots.  The visual journey, however, is a collage of moments from the beginnings of their collaborative efforts all the way up to the recently culminated Lz In The Sky tour.  The results are dope as always.


Not Forgotten :: ESBE Mural Time Lapse

Even when folks are gone, it’s good to take a moment and do things in honor of them.  Grind Life Films was on hand to catch DJ Aspekt of SubKulture Patriots as he put up a mural for ESBE at Castle Hill.  Dig…


ATX Gritty Style :: Rhyme Scheme With Cap N Kirk Of SKP

from the digital desk of Rhyme Scheme:

“Another Rhyme Scheme segment brought to you by Grind Life Films, Top Flight Djs, and Drank Epidemic.  In this particular episode we have Cap N Kirk from SubKulture Patriots, straight from Austin Tx.  Instrumental provided by Dj Ninja of BLACKNOTE Records!


The Testament :: Clemits And The “Seven Steps”

More hotness from Grind Life Films.  This time, it’s a collaboration with Austin mainstay Clemits, and it’s an effort off of Skeleton Crew, which is available on any medium you can download music.  Dig:


More Grind Life Visuals :: Lace Tunes And Ben Ali Say “Hello”

Dope sample… dope rhymes… and a lot of familiar face in this one.  Peep.


Staking Claim To The Summer :: BoomBaptist’s New Video… “Trunkate”

BoomBaptist has been putting in mad work this year, and it’s looking like this is the summer that he becomes a household name.  His two main projects seem to be 1) a series of retrospectives, chronicling the last near decade of his creation, which will lead to 2) the release of a new LP in August.

This video is the first single from that new project.  Trunkate is a nice progression into a fuller sound… The head nod factor is definitely still in effect, as always, but now the sound has matured into a beautiful and complicated mix of elements.  Grind Life Films put together another stellar video, and you have this nice look into BoomBaptist and his creative process:


Cory Kendrix :: “Deep Thoughts” Visualized

Straight from the LNS CREW comes Cory Kendrix with a nice piece of work for 2012… “Deep Thoughts” is an introspective song with a very smooth track behind it… reminiscent of when hip-hop had some substance.

Written by Cory Kendrix, produced by David Escamilla Jr., and put together by Et Tat Too for Grind Life Films, here’s “Deep Thoughts”: