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Block Philosophy :: ‘Trill Shit’ From Domincan Jay and S.Dot

You already know what it is when it’s League of Extraordinary G’z affiliated.  Domincan Jay has been killing it lately, and this go round he brings in S.Dot for the verbal assist, Eric Dingus for the track and Chino Chase for the visuals.  Trill Shit is good old fashion street talk from the blocks and back alleys.  Raw rap is where it’s at, and these cats definitely know where it’s at.



Seismic Rhymes :: Kazee Queen Creates ‘Fault Lines’

Indie publication/blog Pigeons & Planes has teamed up with Austin producer and rising star Eric Dingus to create a contest allowing MCs to write to one of his beats.  The winner will get promotion amongst the circle of social media, and an affiliation with a producer affiliated with Drake‘s OVO label.  Here is my homegirl Kazee Queen taking a stab at the top spot… enjoy!