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Mob Deep :: Ben Al And Friends Wax Poetic On ‘The Real’


There’s something about a good hip-hop song that is majorly enhanced when guests MCs jump on… especially if everyone brings their A-game.  That is most certainly the case with The Real, a recent Ben Al and Iso collaboration with a who’s who of guest MCs invited to the track : Read RichartsLace TunesMarcus JDdotElles and Karma Jones all bless this banger with top notch bars.  I’m feeling bad because I already turned in my Best of the Year 2017 list for OVRLD, and had I heard this prior to forming that list, this track would have made it hands down.  Consolation prize?  Regardless, check this one out, heart it, comment on the track, and help boost those play numbers, because Austin deserves the chance for it’s dopeness to shine.



Another Take :: DDotElles Drops ‘EFAdemo:Take3’


You already know what time it is.  Whenever a new DDotElles anything drops, be it single, video, or especially album, it’s gonna get shine around here.  This cat consistently puts out HIGH quality hip-hop, and in all honestly, should be operating on a much larger scale than he currently is.  I guess all that artists of our caliber can do is keep dropping music and hope that one day the masses catch up.  That being said, EFAdemo:Take3 is truly a project to be proud of.  The album flows damn near seamlessly from track to track as DDotElles provides us with the elements that we become accustomed to hearing on his projects : lyricism on both witty and deeply personal levels, banger production, beautifully chosen guest spots and skits/movie samples to break things up and usher listeners through the project.  This is what hip-hop sounds like in my perfect world.  Share it, support this cat and spread the word.



Inner Visions :: DdotElles Laces ‘Tiny Rick (Kid A)’ Single

DdotElles, as most everyone knows, is a man cut from my own cloth.  Rarely do you meet a cat who comes from not only a similar set of musical influences, but a similar set of film and literary influences as well, and isn’t afraid to show it in the lyrics.  Tiny Rick (Kid A) drops so many non-sequitur references among its two verses that the majority are more than likely to fly over most folks heads.  What they add, however, is an immediate deeper connection for those familiar, and future enjoyment to be released on future listens for those not yet up to speed on the context.  Songs like this are what make hip hop, as well as Austin‘s highly skilled set of MCs, a beautiful thing.


Throwback Approach :: DDotElles Tints The Track ‘Sepia’

If you had to put me on the spot with an Austin hip-hop top five, DDotElles will constantly make that list.  My man is consistently dropping some of the most thought-provoking hip-hop coming out of the south, let alone Austin.  His newest single, Sepia, is certainly not new ground for the last year or so, as ageism and the generational divide has been a hot button topic for hip-hop.  What makes Sepia different, however, is its clever approach to stressing the need for understanding of what came before you and how it allows you to move ahead, among many other points that it stresses.  Props to DDotEllesArthur Castro and the ill beat by 3Zone$.  Share this, but not until you give it a few deep listens for yourself.


Connected Spirits :: DdotElles Drops ‘Dos Almas’

Not that DdotElles ever went anywhere, but my main man is gearing up for a seriously strong push for the end of 2016.  After releasing the highly entertaining documentary short efaDdotElles is back at the tracks with an extremely touching tribute to connections between souls that are bigger than any two individuals can understand.  And, as usual, he hits the nail on the head with the lyrics (and the signature film samples we’ve come to know and love his work for).  Toss in a production assist from Oktoe, and you’ve got one for the ages.  Props as always.


Surreal Life :: DDotElles And Carlos Pagan’s ‘efa’

Never let it be said that Austin hip-hop lacks depth.  The latest to provide a gem to the continuum of creation is DDotElles, who connected with director Carlos Pagan to create the meta-documentary efa.

The beauty of this project was its ability to mix sincerity with deeply sarcastically dry humor.  DDotElles has always been appreciative of film (as myself), and the ability to tell this story deeply reflects that.  Echoes of Spinal Tap, comedian Steven WrightThe Real World and more are immediately apparent.  The jokes land sharply, and DDotElles skill and passion are captured.  The home Delano Taylor is also showing some nice comedic chops as well in a wonderful guest appearance.

Don’t sleep.. give it a like, a share, and a comment.  Show love for the creators in our scene.


Nobody Matters :: DDotElles And PeaCe Collab On ‘EFA’

The term ‘vicious cycle’ can be a hard one to put a tangible definition on.  The plight of the Black man and woman in America, however, seems to continually provide examples that fit squarely within what one would deem a vicious cycle.  DDotElles and PeaCe (who also provided the track) put their reflections on recent events that have propelled the #BlackLivesMatter movement down so eloquently for EFA, and the end result is quite moving.  PeaCe‘s ‘caught between a rock and a hard place’ narrative balances well against the deep reflection of DDotElles on ‘isolated incidents’ that occur ‘too many times’.  Of all the MCs in AustinDDotElles continues to be the most thought provoking.  Take a peek at his lyrics on the Soundcloud page.