Another Take :: DDotElles Drops ‘EFAdemo:Take3’


You already know what time it is.  Whenever a new DDotElles anything drops, be it single, video, or especially album, it’s gonna get shine around here.  This cat consistently puts out HIGH quality hip-hop, and in all honestly, should be operating on a much larger scale than he currently is.  I guess all that artists of our caliber can do is keep dropping music and hope that one day the masses catch up.  That being said, EFAdemo:Take3 is truly a project to be proud of.  The album flows damn near seamlessly from track to track as DDotElles provides us with the elements that we become accustomed to hearing on his projects : lyricism on both witty and deeply personal levels, banger production, beautifully chosen guest spots and skits/movie samples to break things up and usher listeners through the project.  This is what hip-hop sounds like in my perfect world.  Share it, support this cat and spread the word.



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