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Vibrant Vessel :: Upper Reality Keeps Climbing With ‘Chaotic Neutral’


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Dream Pop :: Kendra Sells Shares Parts Of Her Process With ‘Memories (Demo)’

Wonder World :: Magical Objects/Boone Graham Shares ‘Dun Dun Dun SUPER RUFF DEMO MEMO’ With The World

Soulful Share :: Kayleigh Takes A Moment To Share Cover Of Mac DeMarco’s ‘Chamber Of Reflection’

If my blog had a common theme, it would likely be ‘talented peers’, as I often find myself amazed at how many truly gifted individuals I can consider friends and acquaintances.  Case in point, my friend Kayleigh : she is a talented singer and musician who has been part of a number of bands and collectives in the central Texas area, and recently, she took a moment out of her day to film a quick performance of Mac DeMarco‘s Chamber of Reflection.  With just her voice and her guitar work, she is able to create a moving and chilling experience, so if you find yourself curious, take a moment to watch, like and comment if it moves you to do so, and share it around for all to see.


Summer Serenade :: SYN SESSIONS Presents Maikéru + Eric G (of Kid Brothers)

Getting to know the new homie Maikéru has been one of the true highlights of 2021.  I’ve met a lot of creative people in the central Texas area, but there’s something about Maikéru‘s poise and polish that makes it feel like he’s doing what he was truly born to do.  Recently, SYN SESSIONS showcased Maikéru singing YIPPEEKIYAY with acoustic accompaniment by Eric G of Kid Brothers, and while seeing Maikéru with full production is on some other ish, seeing this performance in such an intimate and stripped down presentation is equally powerful.  Take a few minutes to dig it, and if it moves you, hit the like button, leave a comment, and share it with someone you care about.


Nature Boy :: Marshall Anderson Shares ‘Sunflowers Leaning’ Video

Life tends to get a bit hectic here in the information age, and sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded that it’s ok to take it a little easy every now and then.  If this sentiment ever needed an anthem, then my candidate would be Marshall Anderson, as Sunflowers Leaning, his latest single, embodies these feelings perfectly.  Over a sparse guitar and drum driven track with just the right touches of piano, Marshall tells us all about himself, his past, where he’s headed, and most importantly, he shares his view of the world with all that are willing to listen.  If you dig songs that can shift your mood for the better, then check out this video, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for everyone to enjoy!