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Heavy Soul :: Marshall Anderson Blesses Listeners With ‘imprinti / hope’


Quiet Place :: Marshall Anderson Taps Jeffrey Garcia For ‘Mermaids’ Video

Marshall Anderson just hit us with another beautiful tune, and this time around, he tapped Jeffrey Garcia‘s creative energy to create a memorable and era-blurring video.  Mermaids, when taken on its own, is a dynamic song with layered guitars, a shuffling but catchy drum performance and a ton of subtle harmony, all courtesy of Marshall Anderson and company, so in order to match the timeless feeling of the song, Jeffrey Garcia went with a VHS-based video, resulting in a look that is unique to current aesthetics, but definitely reminiscent of a few generations passed.  Definitely take some time to check this one out, leave a like and a comment if you feel it, and share it around so everyone can enjoy!


Nature Boy :: Marshall Anderson Shares ‘Sunflowers Leaning’ Video

Life tends to get a bit hectic here in the information age, and sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded that it’s ok to take it a little easy every now and then.  If this sentiment ever needed an anthem, then my candidate would be Marshall Anderson, as Sunflowers Leaning, his latest single, embodies these feelings perfectly.  Over a sparse guitar and drum driven track with just the right touches of piano, Marshall tells us all about himself, his past, where he’s headed, and most importantly, he shares his view of the world with all that are willing to listen.  If you dig songs that can shift your mood for the better, then check out this video, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for everyone to enjoy!


Passing Daze :: Marshall Anderson And ‘Monday Night’


Singer/songwriter Marshall Anderson knows how to tell a tale in song form very well.  After the early 2018 release of his 2nd solo project, Beautiful Infinite Wonderful, it seems Marshall is hitting the ground running again before year’s end in terms of creativity.  Monday Night is a reflection on reflection… a circular prose about standing still and watching the world go by when you aren’t moving forward and leaving the familiar behind.  With its sparse, airy guitar and piano accompaniment, as well as Marshall‘s ethereal vocals, the song reminds me of something you’d hear in a film.  I’m definitely on board to see what his next project holds in store, and if this is an indication of what’s to come, I have faith that it will continue his trend of solid work.