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Heavy Soul :: Marshall Anderson Blesses Listeners With ‘imprinti / hope’


Quiet Place :: Marshall Anderson Taps Jeffrey Garcia For ‘Mermaids’ Video

Marshall Anderson just hit us with another beautiful tune, and this time around, he tapped Jeffrey Garcia‘s creative energy to create a memorable and era-blurring video.  Mermaids, when taken on its own, is a dynamic song with layered guitars, a shuffling but catchy drum performance and a ton of subtle harmony, all courtesy of Marshall Anderson and company, so in order to match the timeless feeling of the song, Jeffrey Garcia went with a VHS-based video, resulting in a look that is unique to current aesthetics, but definitely reminiscent of a few generations passed.  Definitely take some time to check this one out, leave a like and a comment if you feel it, and share it around so everyone can enjoy!


Setting Intentions :: Magical Objects Takes Off With ‘I’m Ready’

Singer/songwriter extraordinaire Boone Graham is never one that lacks ideas and creative drive.  His latest project, Magical Objects, has some of the best lo-fi, garage-rock style vibes that I’ve heard in a long while, and this is purely off the strength of the lead single, I’m Ready.  All of the positive energy I’d expect from a Boone Graham song is there, including a recognition of the present state and a desire to improve inwardly and outwardly, and with the high energy musical backing propelling things, you feel included in the growth as a listener.  Definitely check this one out, and follow Boone Graham‘s Magical Objects on social media as well, because I’m sure this is just the beginning.