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Staying Fly :: Flyhorses Keeps It Going With ‘Flyhorses Radio’ Episode 2

Flyhorses are back at it, and will be at it forever.  Norman Ba$e and DDotElles dropped episode 2, featuring KUTX‘s The Breaks (Fresh Prince of the ATX and Confucius Jones) and as always, the range of topics is vast and diverse.  Period point blank, these cats are entertaining as all hell, and so far the 2 sets of guests they’ve presented are equally engaging.  I plan on sticking to this podcast for the long haul as a listener, and maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to grab some time as a guest on the podcast.  Check it out, share it, leave a comment, and support your local creatives.


Game Plans :: Flyhorse Radio Episode 1 Available, Featuring The Teeta


Hope everyone is ready, because FLYHORSES have entered the podcast game with FlyHorseRadio.  Norman Ba$e and DDotElles have taken their collaborative music project and transitioned the energy into an interview show that asks real questions and demands real answers.  Episode 1 features Austin rap legend in the making The Teeta as he talks about his inspirations, his goals and what he’s been going through over the years.  Props to FLYHORSES for bringing their dope vibes to the podcast game… definitely a breath of fresh air.


Waiting For The Return :: DDotElles Rocks ‘Jesus Shuttlesworth’ At Mohawk

DDotElles, one of my favorite Austin emcees, getting down with his crew Flyhorses, at my favorite venue, Mohawk.  That’s a recipe for dopeness if I’ve ever seen one.  Dig it and dig it good, and share it with your people.