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Mob Deep :: Ben Al And Friends Wax Poetic On ‘The Real’


There’s something about a good hip-hop song that is majorly enhanced when guests MCs jump on… especially if everyone brings their A-game.  That is most certainly the case with The Real, a recent Ben Al and Iso collaboration with a who’s who of guest MCs invited to the track : Read RichartsLace TunesMarcus JDdotElles and Karma Jones all bless this banger with top notch bars.  I’m feeling bad because I already turned in my Best of the Year 2017 list for OVRLD, and had I heard this prior to forming that list, this track would have made it hands down.  Consolation prize?  Regardless, check this one out, heart it, comment on the track, and help boost those play numbers, because Austin deserves the chance for it’s dopeness to shine.


Straight Talk :: Ben Al Drops Visuals For ‘In A Min’

Sometimes, being all business can be the best format for getting your point across.  Enter In a Min, the latest video from Austin hip hop mainstay Ben Al.  The video takes a lo-fi approach, catching Ben Al in many familiar places, addressing the camera directly, and giving what equates to a state of the union for him and his stances on life and hip hop.  You know how I do it… I love doing the grounded thing just as much as I do the fantastic approach, and this video/song combo stays so grounded it’s underground by association… that being said, give it a share, a like and a comment, and keep supporting that local hip hop.


Smart Money :: Ben Al ‘100 Times’ Visuals Out Now

Ben Al recently dropped the dope double album Man’s Rejection God’s Protection, a deeply personal audio journey.  100 Times is a good example of what you’re getting from the project.. honesty, assurance and promises of good things.  The video is effective in its direct approach.. visual gospel to back up the knowledge being dropped.  Dig it and dig it good.