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High Times :: Lace Tunes Drops ‘Escobarbarian’

When it comes to dancing that fine line between funk and folk, my man Lace Tunes has it down to a science.  Not many rappers can genuinely carry that laid back, easy-going attitude in tandem with the ’bout it bout it’ lifestyle that Lace Tunes keeps alive and well.  With his latest project, Escobarbarian, we find Lace Tunes right back at it with the balance of singing and spitting rhymes that he does so well, as well as the proper subject matter we grown accustomed to : smoke, getting paid, and doing your thing in an unapologetic fashion.  Even if we can’t enjoy the summer the way we’re used to these days, rest assured that Escobarbarian is bonafide summer-jam-worthy.  Check it out wherever you get your music online, and share it around for all to enjoy!.


Vessel’s Voice :: Lace Tunes Drops Intimate Video For ‘Who I Am’

When it comes to the numerous hip-hop acts that have come and gone in the central Texas corridor, one of my favorites (and one that left a lasting impression) was Lace Tunes.  His energy is infectious and undeniable and his lyrical content was always heartfelt and honest, and it appears that he has refined all of these characteristics into a laser-sharp focus these days.  Who I Am is a straight-forward and clever confessional over a golden-era style hip-hop track with tons of unique texture to it.  The video is colorful without being overly flashy, and its method matches the no-nonsense delivery implemented by Lace Tunes.  Definitely a solid track and video, and one that’s worth sharing around, liking and commenting on, so be sure to do so!


Mob Deep :: Ben Al And Friends Wax Poetic On ‘The Real’


There’s something about a good hip-hop song that is majorly enhanced when guests MCs jump on… especially if everyone brings their A-game.  That is most certainly the case with The Real, a recent Ben Al and Iso collaboration with a who’s who of guest MCs invited to the track : Read RichartsLace TunesMarcus JDdotElles and Karma Jones all bless this banger with top notch bars.  I’m feeling bad because I already turned in my Best of the Year 2017 list for OVRLD, and had I heard this prior to forming that list, this track would have made it hands down.  Consolation prize?  Regardless, check this one out, heart it, comment on the track, and help boost those play numbers, because Austin deserves the chance for it’s dopeness to shine.


More Grind Life Visuals :: Lace Tunes And Ben Ali Say “Hello”

Dope sample… dope rhymes… and a lot of familiar face in this one.  Peep.