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High Times :: Lace Tunes Drops ‘Escobarbarian’

When it comes to dancing that fine line between funk and folk, my man Lace Tunes has it down to a science.  Not many rappers can genuinely carry that laid back, easy-going attitude in tandem with the ’bout it bout it’ lifestyle that Lace Tunes keeps alive and well.  With his latest project, Escobarbarian, we find Lace Tunes right back at it with the balance of singing and spitting rhymes that he does so well, as well as the proper subject matter we grown accustomed to : smoke, getting paid, and doing your thing in an unapologetic fashion.  Even if we can’t enjoy the summer the way we’re used to these days, rest assured that Escobarbarian is bonafide summer-jam-worthy.  Check it out wherever you get your music online, and share it around for all to enjoy!.