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Airwave Assault :: Wallaby & Bobbes Exhibit ‘SCHWAG In The Morning’

Reality Reflected :: Wallaby And Bobbes Drop ‘Day In The Life’ Video

Muggzy Flowz and Dr. Bobby BannerM.P.C., the duo more formerly known as Wallaby and Bobbes, seems to have two things on their mind when they release work : class and classics.  As for class, their presentation has always been consistently professional, with a down to earth aesthetic that makes connecting with their soulful music and thought-provoking lyrics that much easier.  Visually, the crew always makes clips that you could place in the canon of class and current hip-hop videos, and the work will be quality enough to fit right in.  Day in the Life finds the crew performing soundstage style this time, drowned in a white abyss as the camera floats around them like a spirit.  Add the dissolves and fades that tie together visually like a dream, and you’ve got a hypnotic and mesmerizing video that will certainly rack up views.  Definitely spread this one around.



Deep Rooted :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Continues Escapism With ‘Southern Comfort’


One of my favorite things to do as someone with a modicum of a voice in the Austin hip-hop culture is to share other creators that I find high caliber and inspiring.  Doing this through mixes has always been a favorite way to do so, but it’s been a while since I dedicated time to doing so.  With so many talented acts from or based in Austin, it’s impossible to get them all in one sweep, so Escapism : Southern Comfort reaches for the vibey side of things… all of my peers are substance-based, but these are acts that I consider high style as well.  Direct peers like Riders Against the Storm (RAS)Cory KendrixanomPNTHNMC Homeless and Chris Condewallaby and bobbesDdotellesClick-Clack and more get shine alongside established acts with Texas roots like BROCKHAMPTON and Travis Scott.  I’m happy with this one, and hopefully folks dig it enough to spread it around!


Self-Motivation :: Wallaby And Bobbes Drop ‘Moving Forward’ Visual

Props to Wallaby and Bobbes for always coming with quality beats and rhymes.  Moving Forward is a self-made effort all the way around, from song to video concept, and these guys are proving that they can get it done on their own.  Imagine what would happen if a label decided to invest in these cats?


Lasting Impressions :: Indelible Inc.’s Instant Classic ‘Wallaby And Bobbes’ Hits Hard


Muggzy Flowz and Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC are both incredibly talented performers in their own right, and could surely fare well as solo artists in their own respect.  However, it’s a beautiful thing when live wires connect, and Indelible Inc. is living proof.  wallaby and bobbes has been a long time in the making, but the wait was well worth it, as the beats all hit incredibly hard, the bars and performances are all top notch, and the addition of Emcee Eats as our humble narrator is an incredibly nice touch.  Grab this one while it’s still ‘pay what you like’, because these cats should be charging top dollar for work of this quality, right now.