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Realest Estate :: Retr05pect And Friends Go In On ‘The Real Estate Sessions’


With so much talent in the Austin hip-hop scene, it’s amazing that we don’t see more producer-led projects featuring the best of their MC affiliates from track to track.  Ruler Why comes to mind, and I’m sure I’m forgetting others, but the numbers aren’t as high as they potentially could be.  Retr05pect, however, looks as if he’s attempting to skew that data with the release of the rock solid project The Real Estate Sessions, a project rooted in the discovery of a 45″ record collection at an estate sale.  The production throughout this project is top notch, as one would expect Retr05pect production to be.. it’s paced well, the skits provide just enough breathing room between song groupings, and the choices for MCs were right on the money.  You’ll find some of my favorite people on these tracks : Click-ClackMuggzy FlowzScuareno1mportantRudi DeVino, and Black DaVinci all spit quality bars and concepts.  I’m looking forward to keeping this one heavy in my DJ rotations.



Spirit Talk :: Black DaVinci’s ‘Royalty Became Ghosts [EP]’

Over the years, one of the more interesting MC/producers I have the pleasure of knowing is Black DaVinci.  His music remains deeply insightful and thought provoking while maintaining a level of accessibility found without sacrificing his approach or delivery.  His latest EP, [R]oyalty [B]ecame [G]hosts, is an exploration of blackness and black culture in respects to history and American culture.  A very stark listen that, at 3 songs, certainly leaves us wanting more.  Let’s hope that more follows sooner than later.


Family Matters :: ‘We Used To Play’ By oz. + Black DaVinci + Muggzy Flowz

Nothing is more important than family.  Whether it be blood, or those who have been through the thick of it with you, family holds you down when nobody else will.  oz., Black DaVinci and Muggzy Flowz pay tribute to that importance with this moving video for We Used To Play, featuring a bunch of family.  I’m loving it, so I’m sharing… do the same if you feel the same way.