Reality Reflected :: Wallaby And Bobbes Drop ‘Day In The Life’ Video

Muggzy Flowz and Dr. Bobby BannerM.P.C., the duo more formerly known as Wallaby and Bobbes, seems to have two things on their mind when they release work : class and classics.  As for class, their presentation has always been consistently professional, with a down to earth aesthetic that makes connecting with their soulful music and thought-provoking lyrics that much easier.  Visually, the crew always makes clips that you could place in the canon of class and current hip-hop videos, and the work will be quality enough to fit right in.  Day in the Life finds the crew performing soundstage style this time, drowned in a white abyss as the camera floats around them like a spirit.  Add the dissolves and fades that tie together visually like a dream, and you’ve got a hypnotic and mesmerizing video that will certainly rack up views.  Definitely spread this one around.



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