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Digital Footprint :: Chief Doomsday Drops A Pair Of Analysis Videos On DOOMtubeATX

Analyze This :: Recent Video Drops From The World Of DOOMonFILM

Slowly but surely, I’ve been picking up momentum over at the DOOMonFILM YouTube channel.  Out of my last four videos, three in particular feel like I’m finding my voice… while my quick thought-share and starting five lineup video for Space Jam : A New Legacy was a bit of a throwaway vid, the other three hold important places in terms of my creative drive and ability.

My deep dive into Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a chance to explain why that film stands as my all-time favorite film, not to mention one that unveils new treasures with each viewing experience.  My analysis of Ratcatcher 2 from The Suicide Squad through the lens of the anti-villain not only stood as one of the pieces of analysis I am happiest with, but one of the quickest turnarounds in terms of film release to idea inception to production to release.  My most recent drop, a setup of The 400 Blows as direct (albeit subtle) inspiration for the films Capernaum and Juice, will probably not make my channel blow up, but it is an idea that I have been sitting on for a while, with the discovery of Capernaum helping me to flesh out the idea fully.

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Shadetree Deconstruction :: James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ Inspires New #DOOMonFILM Video

After several years of running the DOOMonFILM blog over at Tumblr, where I spent my time reviewing and analyzing a wide spectrum of films from over the years, I found myself mostly fulfilled, but yearning to include video essays in my creative fold.  With the time afforded to many of us during 2020, I decided to pull the trigger on DOOMtubeATX, my YouTube channel that I hope will eventually showcase a number of different series I plan to create.  DOOMtubeATX afforded me the opportunity to add the visual element to my film analysis (as previously mentioned), and its times like this past weekend that I appreciate having committed myself to DOOMtubeATX.  I watched James Gunn‘s latest release, a refresh on The Suicide Squad, the Thursday night that it premiered early.  Then I watched it again Saturday.  And again on Sunday.  By the end of my third watch, the gears were turning, and the result is what you see above : a dissection of the Antivillian concept, with Ratcatcher 2 (depicted by actress Daniela Melchior) as the case study.  If you’re in to overanalyzing the movie viewing experience, or you’re simply open to a fresh take that could shift your perspective, then check out the video!  Leave a like and a comment if you feel moved to do so, and subscribe to the channel if you’d be interested in checking out future content.


Episodic Nature :: Latest Episodes Of #DOOMpeerREVIEW Now Streaming

Here we are, seven weeks deep into #DOOMpeerREVIEW, my YouTube-based music video show, and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  The last couple of weeks have been absolutely star-studded in terms of central Texas talent, with videos featured from a long list of the homies : Abuzayed the FreeSCDSDr. Bobby Banner MPC featuring Muggzy Flowz and No1mportantA Better TomorrowThe TeetaMagna CardaDdotEllesemcee eatsLeague of Extraordinary G’zParkingEvolve featuring Deacon the Villian and JunclassicSertifiedJMAC the Dragon featuring Aye CueFrank Villa CA The CommonerNorman BA$E feauring Prophet Ski and another DdotElles appearance, J Souljah with BLakChylRobot JonesMelatRetr0gRaDe and myself all appear in this run.  Subscribe to DOOMtubeATX on YouTube if you’ve not already, leave likes, comment your favorite videos, and share these episodes around for everyone to enjoy!


Props Party :: ‘DOOMpeerREVIEW’ Episode 003 Drops

Another week brings us another episode of DOOMpeerREVIEW, the Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice-hosted video show that recently premiered on the DOOMtubeATX YouTube channel.  Episode 003 features videos from …&More…ChiClopzKenny CasanovaChucky BlkAlligator Food (Sixo Heir Max), Ben BuckUpper RealityCrew54Notes Floats with Suzanna Choffel and Butcher Bear featuring Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice and BoomBaptist.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for others to enjoy.  Don’t forget to subscribe to DOOMtubeATX for more content in the near future!