Shadetree Deconstruction :: James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ Inspires New #DOOMonFILM Video

After several years of running the DOOMonFILM blog over at Tumblr, where I spent my time reviewing and analyzing a wide spectrum of films from over the years, I found myself mostly fulfilled, but yearning to include video essays in my creative fold.  With the time afforded to many of us during 2020, I decided to pull the trigger on DOOMtubeATX, my YouTube channel that I hope will eventually showcase a number of different series I plan to create.  DOOMtubeATX afforded me the opportunity to add the visual element to my film analysis (as previously mentioned), and its times like this past weekend that I appreciate having committed myself to DOOMtubeATX.  I watched James Gunn‘s latest release, a refresh on The Suicide Squad, the Thursday night that it premiered early.  Then I watched it again Saturday.  And again on Sunday.  By the end of my third watch, the gears were turning, and the result is what you see above : a dissection of the Antivillian concept, with Ratcatcher 2 (depicted by actress Daniela Melchior) as the case study.  If you’re in to overanalyzing the movie viewing experience, or you’re simply open to a fresh take that could shift your perspective, then check out the video!  Leave a like and a comment if you feel moved to do so, and subscribe to the channel if you’d be interested in checking out future content.



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