Kingly Things :: MIRAGE THE GR8 Captures Austin Attitude During Atlanta Visit For ‘Regal’ Video

Longtime friend and collaborator MIRAGE THE GR8 recently took a trip to Atlanta, and with it having been close to a decade (if not a bit longer) since I’ve been there, I was definitely locked in to his shares and living vicariously through his vacation time.  It came as no surprise to me that MIRAGE returned home and quickly dropped Regal, a single and music video featuring moments from his visit, as MIRAGE is always working (even when he’s relaxing).  The video captures MIRAGE representing Austin to the fullest via his 78723 Worldwide and Oficionado clothing lines, all the while rapping about possessing an elevated mindstate over a track by The Infamous O’Dawg of the Flying Iron Soul Collective.  It’s always a pleasure to see the homie MIRAGE put in work and produce content, so being able to share this particular piece of art is a joy.  Be sure to like and share the video, leave a comment if you’re feeling it, and always support your local creatives!



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