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No Relation :: Benji Alx Snaps On ‘It’s Not Your Boy’


One wonderful bonus of having a talented network of friends and peers is that everything dope and creative ends up on your radar.  With the homie poolboi blu out carving a major name for himself in the Central Texas area, I make sure that I stay attentive to his posts and support them when I can, so when he posted that he’d produced nearly half of the recent Benji Alx release It’s Not Your Boy, I had to check it out on general principle.  I’d always been a fan of Benji Alx‘s way of mixing his laid back nature with an aggressive edge, but I was in no way, shape or form prepared for the lyrical and stylistic onslaught he brought to the table for this one.  I could sprinkle praiseworthy adjectives on this project all day, but it’s best to go ahead and check this one out for yourself, and then reserve it a spot on your local year-end lists, as it’s almost certainly guaranteed to appear on a few.  It’s Not Your Boy is streaming and available for purchase in all the places, so go cop that asap.


Mixed Media :: Attic Ted And Friends Connect For Mindblowing ‘Kafka Dreaming’ Music Video

After dropping his latest shocking music video, Attic Ted is right back at it again with Kafka Dreaming, a collaborative effort with director Rebreakfast and cameraman Ian Cone.  The project was filmed in tandem with resources provided by Adult Swim, including access to their animation services and an abandoned warehouse in Atlanta.  With these resources, Attic Ted and crew have made another mind-blowing video, this one complete with transfers between different mediums, including film, traditional and digital animation.  Definitely dig this one and dig it good, leave a comment, and share it around so others can enjoy!


Traveling Band :: PNTHN Films ‘PUBLIC ENEMY’ Video During A3C Conference

About a year ago, many of us were talking about the buzz that PNTHN had building, and how that momentum was bound to take them places.  Enter the fall season, and we find the crew returning from Atlanta, where they not only attended and performed at the A3C hip-hop conference, but somehow found the time to film a video for PUBLIC ENEMY off of their latest release, RICO.  The video features bars from almost every member of the crew, it exhibits their playful nature (as they not only seemingly have fun as a crew, but enjoy one another’s time on a personal level as well), and displays a few psychedelic touches courtesy of some chroma-key work.  The work done by Chris Henriques and Kelly Hinnen, especially for something probably done on the fly and in the spare time found during a busy conference, is strong, and fits squarely into the PNTHN aesthetic.   Keep spreading that love for the crew, like and share the video, and leave a comment so they know we’re out here supporting.


More Momentum :: PNTHN Keeps Making Moves, Drops ‘RICO’


PNTHN has been making all the right moves the last couple of years on their path to success.  The collective, who started with a handful of songs and solid videos, found themselves getting blog placements, opening for touring acts, and winning contests, including placement at this year’s A3C convention in Atlanta.  With that trip coming up, it makes sense that the crew would drop a new EP to keep listeners happy and potential new fans intrigued.  RICO is a seven track collaboration with producer Romby that allows folks more insight into the lives and inner-workings of the crew, and a snapshot of their growth.  At this rate, I’m definitely looking forward to the next full length and the subsequent music video outpout that RICO will inevitably lead to.  As always, check out the EP, give it a like, a comment and a share, and keep supporting your local creatives!


Beats DuJour :: Batsauce Rocks For The ‘Clean Plate Club’


Sometimes, you hear the music someone makes, and it’s obvious that they have a gift.  I still remember being at year two of A3C in Atlanta and hearing The Smile Rays for the first time.  I had heard/heard of Asimov, so I was familiar with Therapy, but I had not yet heard of Lady Daisey or Batsauce.  Needless to say, the entire crew left a lasting impression, and over the years I’ve been able to keep in touch with Lady Daisey and Batsauce via social media.

Not too long ago, Full Plate Records dropped volume three of their Clean Plate Club series, and lo and behold, the featured producer was Batsauce.  I jumped on the opportunity to listen, and just like I figure, it was rock solid.  Definitely give it a listen for yourself, cop it if you have a few bucks to spare, and share it with someone who may like it (because that doesn’t cost a thing).


Dark Fantasy :: Dank $inatra Drops ‘Winning’ Video

Winning, the latest visual from Austin (by way of Atlanta) emcee Dank $inatra, is on some gritty vibes.  We’re talking darkness in the daytime gritty.. like the movies we all love.  The song is a banger, and the visuals are strong.  This one is dope, and definitely has the potential to rack up major views.  Looking forward to more quality work from this neck of the woods, hopefully in the near future.