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Waking Life :: Attic Ted Drops ‘Kafka Dreaming’ Album On The Masses


Austin and San Marcos may be known for their artistic nature and their weirdness, but if you had to create a tier list, the top tier would almost be guaranteed to include Attic Ted.  After quite the set of extensive touring runs overseas, Attic Ted and his band managed to find the time to hit the studio for the eight powerful tracks that are the instant classic that is Kafka Dreaming.  All of the earmarks of the Attic Ted sound are present, but the songwriting continues to grow in depth, the quality of the recordings has improved (not that it was bad to begin with), which makes the overall experience that much more pleasurable.  Definitely cop this one, take a deep dive in, and pass it around for others to do the same.   Bonus info, check out Attic Ted live if you see he’s in your area, because it’s quite the experience.


Mixed Media :: Attic Ted And Friends Connect For Mindblowing ‘Kafka Dreaming’ Music Video

After dropping his latest shocking music video, Attic Ted is right back at it again with Kafka Dreaming, a collaborative effort with director Rebreakfast and cameraman Ian Cone.  The project was filmed in tandem with resources provided by Adult Swim, including access to their animation services and an abandoned warehouse in Atlanta.  With these resources, Attic Ted and crew have made another mind-blowing video, this one complete with transfers between different mediums, including film, traditional and digital animation.  Definitely dig this one and dig it good, leave a comment, and share it around so others can enjoy!