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Big Pictures :: Tone Royal’s Amazing ‘Late’ Music Video Now Streaming

If it’s not common knowledge by now that movie references are my soft spot, it should be apparently so in the wake of this share.  Tone Royal, based out of San Antonio, decided to go ahead and blow my mind with the release of his music video for Late.  The first single from the upcoming EP of the same name, Tone‘s video goes out of it’s way to immerse us up to our eyeballs in both famous and obscure movie reference interactions.  The animation hearkens back to the transition period between Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, and the choices are pitch perfect.  It goes without question that the song is a banger as well, making all of the elements hold one another up in a beautiful bit of harmony.  This one comes highly recommended, so definitely hit those like, share and subscribe buttons!



Forever And “All Ways” :: Dopeness From Corduroi

Beautiful music with beautiful visuals.  I hear this will be making its way to Adult Swim in the near future… that’s just more shine for Austin via Cartoon Network… let’s get it done!

Corduroi: “All Ways”
Download the new Corduroi EP – ‘Anything for Now’ for free by following the links below.