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Old Fashioned :: Corduroi Goes Down Memory Lane With ‘Mazie’ LP

From the digital desk of Corduroi :

Corduroi integrates elements of electro, jungle, house, IDM & techno in his latest 7 track release titled Mazie [GiD-020].

Using a wide array of analog & modular gear, Corduroi showcases his expertise in sound design.  With a decorated resume he has already worked with Adult Swim, created a soundtrack for the University of Texas Fashion Show in 2018 & most recently collaborated with the prestigious arts and entertainment group Meow Wolf.

Corduroi channels the energy of growing up on a ranch in Bandera, Texas, the ‘cowboy capital of the world’.  ‘No big fancy house, just a barn, a pond, and what felt like a land of infinite possibilities.’

He has dedicated this album to his grandma Mazie who was the driving force of love, empathy, and care in his family.”

Support Curduroi if you can by purchasing a digital copy or a physical cassette tape.  Even if you can’t support financially, always remember to share good tunes like these around so everyone can enjoy.


Spring Cleaning :: Corduroi Drops ‘Wind Your Spring’ Project


For every released song or project you hear from most producers, it’s safe to assume that there are a few songs or projects that you don’t, as the process of making a coherent album usually involves cutting away more so than adding on.  Every once in a while, artists will find a way to take a look back during their forward momentum, and if we’re lucky, they’ll share some of those forgotten gems with us.  This was recently the case with Austin-based producer Corduroi, who decided to dig through tracks created between 2015 to 2020 in order to curate his latest release, Wind Your Spring.  If you’re a fan of his work, definitely don’t skip this one.


Bonus Beats :: Corduroi Drops A Pair Of Unreleased Songs


Sometimes, gold can be found in what was left behind.  Corduroi, one of the more prolific Austin-based beatsmiths, recently dropped a pair of songs that were left off of his last 2 releases, but in tandem, they work very well together.  Rainbow Climber is a lively, upbeat track that seems to pull the listener in tow with it’s non-stop movement.  Cicada’s Song (my personal favorite of the two), has more of a hide and seek feel to it, like chasing shadows, or feeling like someone has just turned a corner out of your view as you follow them.  Both tracks are high quality, and I am happy they are seeing the light of day.  Check them out, share them, and support local art!


Melting Pot :: Corduroi’s ‘Culture Catalyst’ Mix

‘I made a mix 4 U because love.’


Audio Swim :: Corduroi’s ‘Oceanarium’

New music from Corduroi is something to get excited about.  Dig the composition it’s based on by clicking on the album cover above, and check out this dope video of AP drumming to Souvenir.


Lover’s Rock :: A ‘Valentine’ From Corduroi

Music is for lovers, and today is a good day for love music.  Corduroi decided to bless the listening collective with a little Valentine, so check it out and share it with someone you love.


Story Time :: Corduroi Presents “Jangala”

Jangala (a term meaning uncharted territories in sanskrit) is the third Ep by Austin, Tx based electronic composer Cody Wilson AKA: Corduroi. While his first two EPs established Corduroi as a producer with an exciting and expanding pallet of sounds, his third finds him rounding together his visions with a conceptual story of a shipwrecked adventure on an exotic island.”


Forever And “All Ways” :: Dopeness From Corduroi

Beautiful music with beautiful visuals.  I hear this will be making its way to Adult Swim in the near future… that’s just more shine for Austin via Cartoon Network… let’s get it done!

Corduroi: “All Ways”
Download the new Corduroi EP – ‘Anything for Now’ for free by following the links below.