No Relation :: Benji Alx Snaps On ‘It’s Not Your Boy’


One wonderful bonus of having a talented network of friends and peers is that everything dope and creative ends up on your radar.  With the homie poolboi blu out carving a major name for himself in the Central Texas area, I make sure that I stay attentive to his posts and support them when I can, so when he posted that he’d produced nearly half of the recent Benji Alx release It’s Not Your Boy, I had to check it out on general principle.  I’d always been a fan of Benji Alx‘s way of mixing his laid back nature with an aggressive edge, but I was in no way, shape or form prepared for the lyrical and stylistic onslaught he brought to the table for this one.  I could sprinkle praiseworthy adjectives on this project all day, but it’s best to go ahead and check this one out for yourself, and then reserve it a spot on your local year-end lists, as it’s almost certainly guaranteed to appear on a few.  It’s Not Your Boy is streaming and available for purchase in all the places, so go cop that asap.



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