Dropping Science :: Feral The Earthworm Makes A Historical Deep Dive For ‘Heritage’

With no signs of shelter-in-place slowing down anytime soon, many artists have been forced to make wild adaptations to their lifestyle.  Feral the Earthworm, the Austin original known for being a man on the road, has recently found himself parked back in the weird city once again, and after a bit of an adjustment period, it appears that he was snapped right back into action by the extra-volatile nature of current day social media.  With items like The Confederate Flag being used as bargaining chips against the main issue, it is important to recognize their inflammatory history without allowing them to be a distraction from the primary goals, and with an educated wordsmith like Feral the Earthworm scoping the landscape, gems like Heritage come to life.  Dig how he addresses the flag’s significance, symbolism, the brief time period it represents, how it came to be a monument of an overly-glorified period of time, and much more, all in a brief but powerful two minutes and change.  Feral the Earthworm never ceases to amaze me, hence my sharing with you, so you already know what to do… like and comment if you feel what he’s putting down, and share it around for all to see and hear.


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