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Playlist Player :: Protextor And Baby Lion Provide Us With ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’ Spotify Playlist


(click picture for playlist, or CLICK HERE)

Protextor already did us a solid by being a co-creator of the Baby Lion YouTube channel, as well as the creator of the awesome show that is Rappers Playing Games (RPG), but he’s done us one better by creating a running Spotify playlist featuring the music of all guests that have graced the show thus far.  Feral the EarthwormChucky Blk, myself, MC HomelessMoneyNetworkBorn Soul and even Protextor himself appears on this wonderful playlist, so check it out asap, and spread it around so others can do the same!


Verbal Sparring :: Tekken 3 x Chucky BLK On ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’

Baby Lion has hit the ground running with their season one lineup of programming.  After a successful day one with Slumber Party ClubAdam Protextor dropped a banger of a follow-up with the new episode of Rappers Playing Games (RPG) (presented in partnership with Game Over Videogames).  The episode features special guest Chucky BLK, a formidable poet and MC on the Austin scene, and a video game aficionado in his own right.  The two match skills in several rounds of Tekken 3 while dropping knowledge on poetry, finding confidence in the hip-hop realm, topics covered in songwriting, identity and much more.  The conversation is enlightening, entertaining and educational, and most certainly worth your time, shares, likes and comments.