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Run Through :: Secret Levels And Protextor Deep Dive Into ‘Ninja Gaiden’ For ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’

Secret Levels is an expert and an aficionado in a wide range of skill sets.  Be it skateboarding, rhyming, breakdancing, acting, or being a general entertaining guy, Secret Levels is running on a wavelength that many only dream of.  It’s no surprise, then, that he would be able to join Protextor for the latest session of Rappers Playing Games (RPG), pick one of the hardest games in Nintendo‘s existence in the form of Ninja Gaiden, and subsequently run through it like a hot knife through butter.  During the one-life run through, Secret Levels and Protextor discuss being in harmony with your being, the secrets to mastering yourself via your art, tips for running through Ninja Gaiden, and so much more.  As per usual, support Baby Lion and the Rappers Playing Games (RPG) series via likes, comments, shares and subscribes, and behold the amazing feat that is Secret Levels making light work of a difficult classic.


Verbal Sparring :: Tekken 3 x Chucky BLK On ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’

Baby Lion has hit the ground running with their season one lineup of programming.  After a successful day one with Slumber Party ClubAdam Protextor dropped a banger of a follow-up with the new episode of Rappers Playing Games (RPG) (presented in partnership with Game Over Videogames).  The episode features special guest Chucky BLK, a formidable poet and MC on the Austin scene, and a video game aficionado in his own right.  The two match skills in several rounds of Tekken 3 while dropping knowledge on poetry, finding confidence in the hip-hop realm, topics covered in songwriting, identity and much more.  The conversation is enlightening, entertaining and educational, and most certainly worth your time, shares, likes and comments.


Funny Games :: Baby Lion Presents ‘Rappers Playing Games’

The recent emergence of the Austin-based Baby Lion production company has been the catalyst for a handful of new programs and outlets for creative types looking to diversify their content output.  One of the collective members, rapper/actor/filmmaker Protextor, found a way to merge a few of his loves into the show Rappers Playing GamesWith the help of Game Over Videogames and Mopac Media, and a different guest from the deep pool of Austin-based hip-hop talent for each episode, Protextor sits down for a game and some casual talk.  For episode one, Feral the Earthworm stopped by for a round of Earthworm Jim on the Sega Genesis.  The inaugural episode serves mostly as a proof of concept, but according to Protextor and Baby Lion, big ideas and plans are on the way for the series, so definitely stay tuned.