Verbal Sparring :: Tekken 3 x Chucky BLK On ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’

Baby Lion has hit the ground running with their season one lineup of programming.  After a successful day one with Slumber Party ClubAdam Protextor dropped a banger of a follow-up with the new episode of Rappers Playing Games (RPG) (presented in partnership with Game Over Videogames).  The episode features special guest Chucky BLK, a formidable poet and MC on the Austin scene, and a video game aficionado in his own right.  The two match skills in several rounds of Tekken 3 while dropping knowledge on poetry, finding confidence in the hip-hop realm, topics covered in songwriting, identity and much more.  The conversation is enlightening, entertaining and educational, and most certainly worth your time, shares, likes and comments.



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