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Right Now :: Heir MAX And Fake Four Inc. Share ‘The Moment-20’

I think it’s important to let Fake Four Inc. and heir MAX speak on this project : 

“This album is dedicated to Scotty Sixo whose birthday is September 10th.

In heir MAX‘s words:  ‘This project is very dear to me.  I talk about a lot of personal things I had a lot of time to reflect on during the Pandemic…. I hit on my childhood, how I grew up in Dallas Texas dealing with addiction, corrupt cops, the Pandemic, depression, and the pursuit for happiness.

I want to dedicate this album to our Dear friend Scotty Sixo Trimble.  A lot of us owe you so much and I am truly thankful to have had you as a friend. We miss you so much.’

Fake Four Inc. is proud to share this EP by Texas‘s heir MAX as a free digital download on Bandcamp day today.  With production by Moodie Black, Factor Chandelier, Progeny and more, heir MAX offers a unique blend of sonic influences backing up poignant, biting rhymes.

Joseph Johnson, aka heir MAX, is a hip hop artist based in Fort Worth, TX, and half of the duo Alligator Food with ScottySixoTrimble.

Alligator Food was hard at work on the follow up to their debut album, Even Petals, when Sixo suffered a fatal heat stroke during a motocross race.  The devastating loss of not only his friend but also all of their recorded material was a career setback not many could recover from.  Wanting to continue the pursuit of his childhood dream, heir MAX began to pick up the pieces and embark on his new journey as a solo artist.

heir MAX’s music has been described as “light-hearted with a dark twist.”  Drawing from unexpected influences like Dave Gahan, Muddy Waters, Trent Reznor, and the Dead Kennedys, heir MAX delivers catchy choruses over moody yet upbeat soundscapes, creating a sound uniquely his own.  MAX is as comfortable on a skateboard as he is on the mic, weaving his life experiences together without a lot of tricky metaphors.  The lack of overcomplicated and obscure references make heir MAX instantly relatable.  His tales, inspired by the likes of Slick Rick and Ghostface Killah, range from childhood skatepark antics and cartoons to serious topics, like corrupt cops- the subject of his song Ralph.

Though it was through Sixo that heir MAX met Ceschi and became part of his Fake Four, Inc. label, heir MAX quickly made a name for himself.  MAX has played alongside greats like 2mex, producer Factor Chandelier, Ceschi, MC Homeless, Onry Ozzborn, Height Keech, and the legendary Myka 9.  He has performed on several dates on the Vans Warped tour and is the go-to opening act at any major hip hop show in Texas due to his dedicated hometown fanbase.”



Pulling Cards :: The Freethinkers Educate The Masses On ‘Illusion Of Choice’

Normally I ignore ads, be they Facebook, television, on a podcast, or wherever they are fed to me.  Every once in a while, however, ads catch my attention for some reason or another.  In the case of The Freethinkers, it was the recognition of the SIXO memorial shirt being worn in their latest video, Illusion of Choice, that got my attention.  Lucky for me, the hard rocking, truth driven track more than impressed me very much.  It’d be easy to write this track off as a Rage Against The Machine emulator, but that would be a shortsighted view of things… the song is more a testament of how much things stay the same, despite years and years of apparent ‘growth’ and ‘change’ that the masses fool themselves with.  If you’ve ever felt a way about the injustices that many accept as commonplace, this song is for you.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment on it, and spread it around so that everyone can hear the good word.


Props Party :: ‘DOOMpeerREVIEW’ Episode 003 Drops

Another week brings us another episode of DOOMpeerREVIEW, the Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice-hosted video show that recently premiered on the DOOMtubeATX YouTube channel.  Episode 003 features videos from …&More…ChiClopzKenny CasanovaChucky BlkAlligator Food (Sixo Heir Max), Ben BuckUpper RealityCrew54Notes Floats with Suzanna Choffel and Butcher Bear featuring Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice and BoomBaptist.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for others to enjoy.  Don’t forget to subscribe to DOOMtubeATX for more content in the near future!


Chasing Ghosts :: Sixo Celebrates ‘Christmas Past’ With Ceschi

The concept of seasons being signal markers for human change and growth is not a new one… film, music and literature have all explored this story arc.  Ceschi, however, is known for his ability to tell a vivid tale, and over Sixo production, Christmas Past plays like the masterpiece it is.  The video only further drives home the emotions exploding from the song with it’s colorful and engaging elements.  Beautifully heavy.


Chance Encounters :: Sixo’s Masterpiece ‘The Odds of Free Will’ Now Available From Fake Four


I’m glad I’ve given this album a little bit of time before posting about it.  Sixo is always known to drop quality work, but seeing the concept and guest list for The Odds of Free Will had me rushing to biased positive judgement before I’d even heard the project.  Granted, most everyone on the album I’ve either played multiple shows with or know personally, so that was going to sway my thoughts.  So, I gave it a few listens, and I must say, this project really stands up in a year full of what’s been sure to be classic material.  I’m excited for more production based projects from Sixo, more Alligator Food, and more of whatever he conjures up.


Life Lessons :: ‘Eye Of The Needle’ Finds Sixo and Grace Park Collaborating Once More

Recent Fake Four signees Alligator Food surprised me in a major way when my friend Grace Park popped up on their debut project.  Cut to nearly a year later, and group member Sixo is preparing to drop a new project featuring his production and a long list of collaborators.  Lucky for us, Grace Park found her way onto Eye Of The Needle, and it’s quite the wonderful piece of music… sparse enough for Grace‘s voice to take hold, but a nice strong set of drums in the background to take us all by the hand and show us the way.  I am very curious about The Odds Of Free Will, and I am looking forward to hearing the finished album.


Big Arrival :: Alligator Food Makes A Major Debut


One of the best things about being involved in the independent music scene is watching mutual friends combine to make big steps on big projects.  Heir Max has been a friend and someone I have shared a number of stages with for quite a while.  Sixo and I have crossed paths on occasion, and we share a number of mutual friends.  The two of them have combined under the label Fake Four (the indie juggernaut run by my friend Ceschi) to form Alligator Food, a no-nonsense combination of hard beats and hard rhymes.  On some six degrees of separation action, my friend Grace Park left her songbird presence on one of the tracks for this EP.  The guys from Alligator Food were even nice enough to put together a lo-fi mindscramble of a video for G.O.Y.A., the lead single.


Fake Four Christmas :: FREEcember Releases From Fake Four

Ceschi and the creative minds behind Fake Four Inc. have released a group of projects from various artists on their label as free releases for the month of December.  These include an EP from new collaborators Tachyon Ghetto Blaster; an EP by Scatty Stormborn and Sixo creatively inspired by the wrongful incarceration of Ceschi; a second FREEcember release from the most downloaded FREEcember artist to date, Tommy V; and an instrumental EP from Denver based producer SkyRider.  Enjoy these new releases, get hip to Fake Four, and let your people know what’s happening.