Pulling Cards :: The Freethinkers Educate The Masses On ‘Illusion Of Choice’

Normally I ignore ads, be they Facebook, television, on a podcast, or wherever they are fed to me.  Every once in a while, however, ads catch my attention for some reason or another.  In the case of The Freethinkers, it was the recognition of the SIXO memorial shirt being worn in their latest video, Illusion of Choice, that got my attention.  Lucky for me, the hard rocking, truth driven track more than impressed me very much.  It’d be easy to write this track off as a Rage Against The Machine emulator, but that would be a shortsighted view of things… the song is more a testament of how much things stay the same, despite years and years of apparent ‘growth’ and ‘change’ that the masses fool themselves with.  If you’ve ever felt a way about the injustices that many accept as commonplace, this song is for you.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment on it, and spread it around so that everyone can hear the good word.



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