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Limitless Lyricist :: Kenny Casanova Continues To Impress With ‘Ozone Grandeur’ Single


Absurdist Swag :: Kenny Casanova Strikes Again With ‘BP Oil Spill’

If (or more likely, when) Kenny Casanova blows up, I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to collaborate with Jeffrey Garcia on his music videos, because these crazy little masterpieces work extremely well for the vibe that Kenny Casanova has created and embraced.  His offbeat and unique approach to modern day hip-hop has found a perfect visual match with the random hilarity of Jeffrey Garcia, which makes BP Oil Spill one of many collaborative videos from the duo that jump out of the crowd of normal music video tropes.  You’ve probably already hit this one with a like and a comment, maybe even already shared it, but do all of those things immediately if you’ve not already done so, and don’t sleep, because if I was a betting man, I’d bet more of these wild creations are on the way.


Spaced Out :: Kenny Casanova And Jeffrey Garcia Strike Gold With ‘Who Is Uuu’

Kenny Casanova and Jeffrey Garcia are certainly not strangers when it comes to collaboration.  Garcia is responsible for a large handful of the first wave of PNTHN music videos, and breakout member Kenny Casanova has always been on a different wavelength than most rappers, Texas-based or otherwise.  Their latest collaboration, the beautifully insane Who Is Uuu, is a celebration of all things the duo has established as earmarks to their styles : a funky track, off-kilter and chameleon-like rhymes, a bright color palatte, and a wildly structured narrative full of homage to entertainment from years past.  There’s not much to dislike about this video, if anything at all, so go ahead and check it out, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around so it can go properly viral.


Props Party :: ‘DOOMpeerREVIEW’ Episode 003 Drops

Another week brings us another episode of DOOMpeerREVIEW, the Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice-hosted video show that recently premiered on the DOOMtubeATX YouTube channel.  Episode 003 features videos from …&More…ChiClopzKenny CasanovaChucky BlkAlligator Food (Sixo Heir Max), Ben BuckUpper RealityCrew54Notes Floats with Suzanna Choffel and Butcher Bear featuring Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice and BoomBaptist.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for others to enjoy.  Don’t forget to subscribe to DOOMtubeATX for more content in the near future!


Casanova Funk :: Kenny Casanova Drops ‘SWEET AROMATIC EP (DELUXE)’


Being in a crew is nice for many reasons : the work is spread throughout more people, the opportunities for exposure are multiplied, and more ground can be covered in many aspects.  The biggest drawback, however, is establishing an identity outside the framework of the crew.  For PNTHN member Kenny Casanova, however, that drawback simply does not exist.  After a handful of loosey singles, Kenny came through in a major way with SWEET AROMATIC EP (DELUXE), a wonderfully skewed collection of psychedelic swag-filled tracks.  This one is basically required listening, so do so asap, share it around, and cop it if you’ve got a few bucks to spare.


Quick Hit :: Kenny Casanova Self-Produces A Banger With ‘WE$ $NIPES’


Writing rhymes is an incredibly dedicated discipline already, but for a certain breed of lyricists, one of two things inevitably happens… they either spend enough time around producers that they become inspired to produce themselves, or they out-write the beats that are available and become forced to learn how to produce in order to keep the song output going.  I’m not sure which path Kenny Casanova chose… he may not even adhere to one of those paths… honestly, it doesn’t even matter, because WE$ $NIPES goes hard regardless.  The airy, 808-grounded beat has an upbeat energy to it, and Kenny Casanova matches that energy with his rhyme patterns, delivery and bars to a tee.  I’m looking forward to the day when Casanova starts moving in multiple verse tracks, or possibly beat switches, but whatever he chooses to continue to do, I’m down for it.


Heat Check :: Kenny Casanova Drops ‘HONESTLY, FUCK IT’ EP In Anticipation Of A Big Year


PNTHN is at the starting point of making major moves in 2019, and the cool thing about being a member of a crew is that these opportunities allow individual members to strike while the iron is hot.  Kenny Casanova has been cooking up a solo project for a moment now, and while doing some recent hard drive cleanup, he decided to throw together a few loose tracks as a taste tester for the full project.  HONESTLY, FUCK IT may not be the project, but it definitely has enough energy and personality to make a run on its own.  Kenny drops a handful of different styles over some short but memorable bangers, making a nice collection of mixtape-worthy tracks that folks like myself will definitely be peppering into our mixes.  Check out the project, keep an eye on Kenny and PNTHN while they continue to make bigger and bigger moves, and always support your local creatives.


Summer Madness :: Kenny Casanova Drops ‘Poison’ Video

Straight out of the most wonderful version of left field comes Kenny Casanova‘s latest music video, Poison.  This one, directed by Jeffrey Garcia, is a wonderful journey into the mind of a brutally honest MC.  The visual counterparts provided for this musical deep dive hit every beat brilliantly, both tonally and emotionally.  This video gets better with repeated watchings, and the song reveals itself in layers.  Props to Kenny Casanova for a dope concept on song and video, and big ups to Jeffrey Garcia for nailing it.  Definitely give this one a like and a share.