Absurdist Swag :: Kenny Casanova Strikes Again With ‘BP Oil Spill’

If (or more likely, when) Kenny Casanova blows up, I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to collaborate with Jeffrey Garcia on his music videos, because these crazy little masterpieces work extremely well for the vibe that Kenny Casanova has created and embraced.  His offbeat and unique approach to modern day hip-hop has found a perfect visual match with the random hilarity of Jeffrey Garcia, which makes BP Oil Spill one of many collaborative videos from the duo that jump out of the crowd of normal music video tropes.  You’ve probably already hit this one with a like and a comment, maybe even already shared it, but do all of those things immediately if you’ve not already done so, and don’t sleep, because if I was a betting man, I’d bet more of these wild creations are on the way.



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