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Trill Talk :: ‘They Wrong (Bruh)’ By @Mirage512

Mirage‘s journey through 2016 of bringing us the audio-visual project #TheAmeliorationCollection has been a wonderful journey to witness.  They Wrong (Bruh) marks my second involvement in the editing process, and this song is straight up hot flames.  Arson Optics comes through with a banger on production, and Mirage drops knowledage the only way he knows how.  Highly recommended viewing.


QuiteTrill Exclusive :: Dee1 In-Depth Interview


Click on the link above for an exclusive interview with QuiteTrill Worldwide and New Orleans-based MC Dee1.  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the content on their YouTube page and the official website.


@MIRAGE512 & Chill :: Mirage512 Drops Visuals For ‘Just A Mirage’ / #TheAmeliorationCollection

I see you, Mirage512… stepping up the narrative ante on the visual front.  The thing I dig most about this video is that it is telling a story rather than focusing on the artist.  Many music videos miss out on the opportunity to leave a lasting impression by using a simple narrative structure, casting people to fit the roles, and then have the story play out with your song as the mechanism that moves things forward.  The smart ones, like Mirage512, sprinkle themselves in as an easter egg, thus maintaining the status quo of showing up in their video without taking up the majority of the frames.  Well done, sir.


Real Talk :: Tee Double and QuiteTrillWorldwide Talk ‘Black Mics Matter’

You already know the drill.  Tee Double is an advocate for Austin music, and a legend in his own right.  Mirage512‘s brainchild QuiteTrillWorldwide is an outlet for education and social awareness.  Black Mics Matter is a statement about these turbulent times we are living in, how not much has changed, and how we need to find understanding in order to move forward.  Give it a watch, and give the compilation a listen.


Cultural Imprints :: @MIRAGE512 Brings Quite Trill Worldwide Vision To Life

Quite Trill Worldwide (Official Website)


Quite Trill Radio


The homie Mirage has always been on point with awareness, culture and expression when it comes to hip-hop and it’s bigger relationship with the world.  Over the past year or so, he has gained momentum online with his burgeoning empire known as Quite Trill Worldwide.  Both a news/political/cultural website and a radio podcast, Mirage is helping to shape a new generation of thinkers by equipping them with the right tools.  Check in, subscribe, and support real people doing real things.


Staying Power :: Mirage (@Mirage512) Drops ‘Till The End’ Video

Austin MC Mirage is continuing #TheAmeliorationCollection with the subtly powerful and moving Till The End.  Over some very solid and smooth production by Trill GatesMirage waxes poetically about the importance of longevity in the hip-hop culture, and his efforts to express that through his career and his art.  Bonus trivia: he hit me up on the edit for this one.


Catch-23 :: ‘My People’ Audio-Visuals From @Mirage512

I’ve known my man Mirage for a long time now.. nearly half my life.  He’s one of my original Austin inspirations for transitioning from hip hop fan to hip hop participant.  Over the years, we’ve kept in touch and watched one another evolve.

Recently, he hit me up to edit a music video for him, which I am very excited about.  Then, yesterday, he dropped this self-directed gem on us.  My People is a dope song, and the video is a well-crafted visual reflection of it.  Simple, yet strong, with some wonderful framing for some honest performances.  Dig it and dig it good.