The Undergrind :: Mirage512 And Side Effect Give You The Double Dose

from the digital desk of Mirage512:

“The Undergrind is born out of the spirit of independent hip hop artists from various parts of the country, sharing resources in order to get to the next level.  More specifically, it starts with two indie hip-hop cats: one from Philadelphia (Side Effect), and one from Austin, TX (Mirage512).  The partnership grew out of an appreciation for Underground hip-hop and soul music.  The two linked at a show in Austin in 2012, exchanged music, and began talking about collaborating on an indie tour — born was the idea of the “Undergrind Tour“.  The tour will be an annual outing, and grow as an unofficial network of Underground/Indie artists that are willing to work together and share resources.  To kick off, Mirage512 & Side Effect will be making the first outing this summer 2013, and they need your support!!!!”

Learn more about it, or help them out, here.


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