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Rise Above :: Mirage The Gr8 Drops ‘Level Up’ Video

My continued working relationship with Mirage the Gr8 has really and truly been beneficial for both parties.  Mirage gets to see his ideas come to fruition, and I get to sharpen my tools as an editor.  One of the pieces of work I’m most proud of is Level Up, a collaboration between MirageTerrence Side Effect‘ Wood and Chip Lurk.  Originally, this video was meant to be exclusive content for an upcoming project we are working on, but in spite of everyone practicing social distancing and staying home, Mirage figured that now was the time to drop the video.  All parties involved are proud of this work, so definitely check it out, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around for others to do the same.



Dedication Jams :: Terrence Wood Releases Visual For ‘By Your Side’

Anybody that’s been touched by the vivid spirit of the hip-hop culture can tell you (or attempt to, anyways) about how all-encompassing the connection is in terms of give and take.  Be it the ‘casual’ fan, or those inspired enough to contribute to the hip-hop continuum, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone connected to hip-hop from its inception in the late 1970s to a period just before the turn of the century that is not as heavily dedicated to the culture as they feel the culture is a part of their entire being.  Case in point is Terrence Wood, the MC formerly known as Side Effect, who demonstrates all of these feelings perfectly in By Your Side, his latest video and single.  Unlike other songs dedicated to hip-hop, Wood manages to actually capture the energy surrounding the culture in both his lyrics and the production.  Add to this the stark visuals provided by director Dan2TheL, which captures both direct references in the form of album covers, and the symbolic love by providing a human representative for hip-hop, and you’ve got a combination that cannot be ignored in terms of the impression it leaves.  Definitely an instant classic, and a strong video of the year contender, so be sure to like and comment on the video before sharing it around.


Internationally Known :: ‘World Renown’ Released From The Undergrind / @TheUndergrind

After a couple of years of hustling and making the physical distance between them a non-factor, Side Effect and Mirage512, collectively known as The Undergrind, have finally unleashed their debut album.  World Renown is 12 tracks of collaboration and celebration of culture, grinding for positive change and self-fulfillment.  Support these cats, because hip-hop definitely needs more voices along these lines.


The Undergrind :: Mirage512 And Side Effect Give You The Double Dose

from the digital desk of Mirage512:

“The Undergrind is born out of the spirit of independent hip hop artists from various parts of the country, sharing resources in order to get to the next level.  More specifically, it starts with two indie hip-hop cats: one from Philadelphia (Side Effect), and one from Austin, TX (Mirage512).  The partnership grew out of an appreciation for Underground hip-hop and soul music.  The two linked at a show in Austin in 2012, exchanged music, and began talking about collaborating on an indie tour — born was the idea of the “Undergrind Tour“.  The tour will be an annual outing, and grow as an unofficial network of Underground/Indie artists that are willing to work together and share resources.  To kick off, Mirage512 & Side Effect will be making the first outing this summer 2013, and they need your support!!!!”

Learn more about it, or help them out, here.