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Shaky Foundations :: Mirage The GR8 Reflects On ‘4-5 Still Alive’

Mirage the GR8 has always been one of the MCs in the Austin area that I looked up to, as he was already releasing tapes when I was wondering if it was possible to cross over from fan to artist.  It’s only fitting that at age 45, Mirage would take a moment to think back on where he came from, assess where he is, and re-calibrate himself for the journey ahead, and all of this is accomplished in the brief but thought-provoking 4-5 Still Alive.  The incredibly smooth track from Trill Gates gives Mirage plenty of room to talk about style evolution and political landscapes, both of which have a synergistic relationship with hip-hop culture, in his trademark laid-back delivery.  It’s been an honor working with Mirage the last couple of years on the music video front, and it makes me happy to know that he has no plans on stopping any time soon.  Check out the song, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same.


Radio Waves :: ‘QUITE TRILL RADIO SUMMER EDITION PT. 1’ Now Available


One thing I really respect about Mirage the Gr8 is the scope of his vision, which also allows him to provide context.  Be it his role as a teacher, the creation of his QUITE TRILL WORLDWIDE network (web, podcast and visual entertainment), or his compelling live streams, Mirage has always been one to make sure that the bigger picture is addressed.  For summer of 2019, Mirage decided to do a three-fold mission for the first edition of the QUITE TRILL RADIO summer series : a selection of hip-hop and soul that influences him, interjections of information to get everyone on the same page moving forward, and a tribute to the late-great Nipsey Hussle.  Check it out, spread it around, and stay tuned for future episodes as they premier!


Cultural Imprints :: @MIRAGE512 Brings Quite Trill Worldwide Vision To Life

Quite Trill Worldwide (Official Website)


Quite Trill Radio


The homie Mirage has always been on point with awareness, culture and expression when it comes to hip-hop and it’s bigger relationship with the world.  Over the past year or so, he has gained momentum online with his burgeoning empire known as Quite Trill Worldwide.  Both a news/political/cultural website and a radio podcast, Mirage is helping to shape a new generation of thinkers by equipping them with the right tools.  Check in, subscribe, and support real people doing real things.