Radio Waves :: ‘QUITE TRILL RADIO SUMMER EDITION PT. 1’ Now Available


One thing I really respect about Mirage the Gr8 is the scope of his vision, which also allows him to provide context.  Be it his role as a teacher, the creation of his QUITE TRILL WORLDWIDE network (web, podcast and visual entertainment), or his compelling live streams, Mirage has always been one to make sure that the bigger picture is addressed.  For summer of 2019, Mirage decided to do a three-fold mission for the first edition of the QUITE TRILL RADIO summer series : a selection of hip-hop and soul that influences him, interjections of information to get everyone on the same page moving forward, and a tribute to the late-great Nipsey Hussle.  Check it out, spread it around, and stay tuned for future episodes as they premier!



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