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Hard Truths :: OBNOX Combine With A Better Tomorrow For ‘Big Fire (Pigs In A Blanket)’


From the digital desk of (iN)Sect Records :

OBNOX aka LamontBimThomas lives in Cleveland.
From Bim: “Dedicated to Arbery, Floyd and Taylor

A Better Tomorrow aka Diamond Dave lives in Austin.
From Dave: “Consume more revolutionary content”

Thank you for including One Big Happy Family (OG Version) on this release as well, as it is still extremely relevant as well.


Bigger Each Year :: Exploded Drawing SXSW Compilation 2015

There are TOO many people on this compilation to list, but trust me, every time that soundfounder and Butcher Bear get together to show the world what Exploded Drawing has in store for the year, it’s a hit.  Throw in A Better Tomorrow handling the sonic polishing, and we’re in it to win it.  I’m especially proud of this one, because I have a track on here from the upcoming instrumental release Slow Burnout, plus a collaboration from Butcher Bear‘s upcoming album with BoomBaptist.  Dig it, share it, and support your local underground movement!


Sword For Hire :: New Music From A Better Tomorrow

 from the digital desk of A Better Tomorrow :

“Peking Opera is an album produced entirely by A Better Tomorrow. It features the following underground artists: Admir Bonsoir (aka Mista Mista) of Virginia, CM aka Creative of NY and Streets Graffiti of Connecticut. It’s a compilation designed to introduce you to the recording artists who have all worked closely with ABT since 2007 and whom each will have upcoming solo releases exclusively produced by A Better Tomorrow. Peking Opera is inspired by traditional Chinese theatre which featured troupes of diverse performers who demonstrated their skills in prose, music and combat.”

This is a BANGER, and a free download at that… why don’t you have it already?