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Survivor Sacrifices :: Clemits Continues Honoring MF DOOM Via Video With ‘CLEM F DOOM’

Austin-based MC and producer Clemits is keeping the remembrance of fallen hip-hop icon MF DOOM alive and well as he continues to share singles and videos from his dedication mixtape CLEM F DOOM.  This time around, he’s hit viewers with the single that shares its name with the project, and it’s a fitting parallel, as the single not only shows honor and respect to DOOM, but it also allows Clemits to express his ability to persevere in all of the madness that life lays out in front of us.  Mad props to the homie Clemits for being so respectful and honest in this venture, where many nowadays would sadly choose to exploit the passing of a man who meant so much to hip-hop.  If you’re feeling what Clemits is putting down, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for the rest of us hip-hop lovers still recovering.



Dedication Game :: Clemits Follows Up MF DOOM Tribute Single With ‘CLEM F DOOM’ EP

Last week, the homie Clemits shared his sorrow over the loss of the legendary MF DOOM with the track RIP DOOM FREESTYLE.  As a broader show of respect for an MC who influenced a large cross-section of wordsmiths and beatsmiths, Clemits has followed this up with the release of CLEM F DOOM, a collection of tribute raps set to selections from MF DOOM‘s iconic Special Herbs collection.  The mixtape is free, so if you’ve got an MF DOOM-shaped hole in your heart like the rest of us, jump on that download asap, and let everyone else know they can do the same.


Tribute Talk :: Clemits Gives Respect On ‘RIP MF DOOM FREESTYLE’

The announcement of MF DOOM‘s passing on New Year’s Eve of last year tore a hole in the collective heart of the hip-hop community.  It’s hard to find creators on any level from the past couple of decades that where not either directly or indirectly influenced by the legendary wordsmith and producer, so it only makes sense that creatives on all levels would feel the need to pay homage.  Recently, Clemits stepped into this realm with his RIP MF DOOM FREESTYLE, a quick blast of tribute released via his YouTube channel.  If you dig what he has to say about MF DOOM, or you miss MF DOOM like Clemits (and the rest of us do), don’t hesitate to leave a comment and a like on the video, and share it around for everyone to discover.


Exchanging Ideas :: Clemits And More Bless CCFridays

CCFridays is filling a very important void in the Austin hip-hop community : a space for up and coming artists to get stage time under their belt and hone their craft while working out ideas.  Held every first and third Friday at The Exchange, the event gives an open mic atmosphere for performers to share songs, and in the case of this particular night, Austin-based stronghold Clemits performed a set.  Working my own Friday residency makes it hard to check out events like this, but if you find yourself in Austin on the proper night, definitely go check it out.


Diversified Elements :: Clemits Drops ‘A Cult Classic’, Continues To Grow Creatively


Clemits is setting himself up to reap the rewards from loads of hard work he’s been putting in the last few years.  His latest project, the hypnotic beat tape A Cult Classic, not only entertains, but has been rolled out by the likes of Hip Hop DX, among other tastemaker blogs currently helping to define the hip-hop culture.  The tape covers a variety of feelings and moods within a tight 14 tracks, with clear influences to jazz, film scores and even hints of electronic music all emerging from the boom bap foundation Clemits provides.

On top of what will surely be a successful album release, Clemits is also nearly a full season deep into The Clemits Show, a podcast designed to showcase fellow creatives, discuss creative methods and inspiration, and hopefully help those looking for creative motivation to move forward with their ideas.  Click the pic below for access to the podcast via Apple :


Hopefully, Clemits continues his current trajectory, as he seems to be headed for good things in the near future.  Make sure to support him and other local creatives, simply because it’s the right thing to do.


Summertime Rolls : Clemits Drops ‘Selfish Summer’ Video

Austin-based hip-hop artist/producer Clemits has really been putting in ground work in anticipation of his upcoming instrumental release, Cult Classic.  After dropping a pair of singles via multiple streaming services, Clemits has released a third single, Selfish Summer, via music video.  The song is a mellow affair, with a hypnotic finger-picking sample surrounded by traditional boom-bap drums.  The video, however, is a celebration of solitude and doing the things that make you happy regardless of (and as long as they don’t harm) those around you.  Josiah Panella captures Clemits as he ignites fireworks, takes a pedicab and bikes around Austin, and eventually ends up back in the lab working on more beats.  Overall, the entire presentation is memorable, definitely something that Austinites can be proud of, and another notch in the belt for Clemits as he continues to rise.


Double Dosing :: Clemits Drops Back To Back Instrumental Bangers




Anybody with their finger on the pulse of the Austin hip hop community has had an eye on Clemits for the past couple of years, for sure.  After spending some time bubbling with the rest of the underground pack, a concentrated effort has been made to push ahead.  This has resulted in a handful of strong songs and videos from last year’s solo LP CRUSH, some exposure on a few mainstream blogs, and recently, back to back strong singles in Fentanyl and Gangster Jazz.  Each of these tracks are befitting to their name… Fentanyl has a trippy air to it, with it’s wet percussion, immersive bassline and completely wild flip at the end… Gangster Jazz goes for more of a DITC feel with its musclebound bass and drums imposing a space for the horn loop to move freely.  Clemits has always been one to imprint his soul on the work, and with the release of these two strong instrumentals, my anticipation of what a full-length beat tape (his first in 4 years) could bring is high and hopeful.


The Unlocking :: Clemits Drops ‘Doors, Locks, Keys’ Music Video

My man Clemits is on an outright inspirational tear this days.  CRUSH has hit the streets, and the barrage of music videos keeps coming.. the latest is Doors, Locks, Keys.  Dig the explanation from the man himself:

‘The concept of the song is breaking through the walls, or opening the doors, we all build to protect our feelings and egos.  It’s about finding human connection and letting go of barriers, hence the title Doors, Locks, Keys.  The video shows me as a hologram being projected onto walls, and buildings.. letting it all go, I’m able to escape the confines of ego as a hologram.’



Love Songs :: Clemits Drops ‘I Love Green’ Video

Clemits is making a major push these days.. a series of music videos seem to be appearing for his newest release CRUSH.  There’s definitely a style going on with these videos, and I Love Green is further proof.  Dig it and dig it good.


Fearless Type :: Clemits’ Brings ‘Strange’ To Life

Clemits, a long time member of the Austin hip hop community, has always been known for putting in consistent and quality work.  2015 has found him making inroads musically and on the live circuit.  All the while, Clemits has also kept the creative juices going, and is now set to drop Crush in mid-December.  Strange is the initial visual shot fired from this album, and the video is dope.  But don’t take my word for it.. take a second to check it out yourself, and don’t forget to like/share this bad boy.