Tribute Talk :: Clemits Gives Respect On ‘RIP MF DOOM FREESTYLE’

The announcement of MF DOOM‘s passing on New Year’s Eve of last year tore a hole in the collective heart of the hip-hop community.  It’s hard to find creators on any level from the past couple of decades that where not either directly or indirectly influenced by the legendary wordsmith and producer, so it only makes sense that creatives on all levels would feel the need to pay homage.  Recently, Clemits stepped into this realm with his RIP MF DOOM FREESTYLE, a quick blast of tribute released via his YouTube channel.  If you dig what he has to say about MF DOOM, or you miss MF DOOM like Clemits (and the rest of us do), don’t hesitate to leave a comment and a like on the video, and share it around for everyone to discover.



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