Rhythmic Revolution :: (RAS) Riders Against The Storm Give ‘Flowers For The Living’

With all that (RAS) Riders Against the Storm does for the community and the culture, it’s easy (and foolish) to forget that they are as talented at making music as they are driven at making social improvements.  If anyone needs a reminder (or an introduction) to their prolific music-making abilities, then you’re in luck, because they recently dropped their latest collection of songs in the form of Flowers For The Living.  Chaka and Qi are as sharp as ever over a dynamic and varied range of production, giving us everything from modern-era hip-hop stylings to outright dance tracks, all of which firmly fit into their aesthetic and sound completely natural.  The lead singles set a high bar, but there was never any doubt that (RAS) couldn’t meet (if not exceed) those expectations, and as usual, the dynamic duo came through in stellar fashion.  If you can spare a few bucks, cop the album from their Bandcamp page, but otherwise, find it on your favorite streaming site and run those numbers up!



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