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Think Globally :: Salvasquared and Usedtobe Connect For ‘SnowMelt’

Austin-based MC Salvasquared has taken the old-ish adage of ‘think globally, act locally’ to heart with his latest single and video, the Usedtobe-produced ditty that is SnowMelt.  Over a diverse-sounding, cultural mixing beat, Salvasquared talks about how the experience of seeing the world not only puts your home-realm into perspective, but it changes you mentally as well, sometimes erasing thoughts and issues that formerly held you back.  Though most of us are grounded per shelter-in-place rules, I agree with Salvasquared in regards to how seeing the world can improve your scope, and highly recommend travelling to those that are able when they are able.  As for this video, definitely leave a like and a comment, share it around for all to enjoy, and support your local wandering creatives!


World Music :: Salvasquared Releases ‘The Overseas Instrumentals’


Nothing rejuvenates and uplifts the human spirit like traveling, especially traveling to locations that are considered ‘exotic’, for lack of a better word.  Austin-based producer Salvasquared recently got to experience this via a stay in South Korea while traveling through Asia.  I am sure that his life changed in many ways, but one tangible bit of proof that the trip had an influence on him is The Overseas Instrumentals, a group of beats with Salvasquared‘s foundation used to build towers of sound influenced by other parts of the world.  The Asian influence is clearly there, but aspects of Latin and African music also find their way into the mix as well.  This is definitely eye-opening and mind-expanding music, even in instrumental form, as it shows how all of our worldly textures can be weaved together into coherent and moving compositions.  Definitely check this one out, and encourage others to do the same.


Traveling Jams :: Salvasquared Drops ‘Epocas (Beat Tape)’


Recently, Salvasquared hit my inbox with a link to his latest project (and first instrumental release), Epocas (Beat Tape).  He described it as ‘beats created from musical samples originated from all over the world’, and the description definitely hits the nail on the head.  There are pieces of familiar elements in here, as well as ‘foreign’ elements (both in origin and to the ear), both of which give this album an extremely welcoming feel.  This is definitely escapism music… certainly worth your time.


Enlightened Writing :: Salvasquared Releases ‘Peleamos’

On one of my daily content searches, the homeboy HBZ Brown from SubKulture Patriots dropped a link for an Austin emcee I was not familiar with by the name of Salvasquared.  The artwork for Peleamos was dope, and upon further investigation, I realized Salvasquared was down with Click-Clack, which is always a good sign.  You should definitely give Peleamos a listen, a share, and maybe even a buck or two.  Very solid listen, very refreshing change of pace from the norm.