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Soothing Sounds :: (iN)Sect Records Presents Usedtobe Self-Titled Release

A bit of information on Usedtobe, courtesy of our friends at (iN)Sect Records :

Chris McDowell; aka Solar Shield (Austin Boogie Crew) aka Very Rich (Growth In Decay); is now also known as Usedtobe,

Usedtobe came from long nights in art school in Georgia.  I had finally gotten the Mirage to actually read the floppy discs it came with, sitting on an endless pile of sampled drums from the internet, with the DX7 and Mopho and no plans outside the house.  I was digging deep into the question of ‘what counts’, with file names like isThisFunk? and maybeEnough.

His debut long-player consisting of Boom Bap 90s beats, modern funk sketches and soul flips clocking in at 36 songs and 50 minutes.  At 32, he’s been making music for over half his life under different monikers.  He also owns a synthesizer company called supersynthesis.com, a musical instrument design and manufacturing firm based in Austin, TX, where he was born and raised.  He plays drums, bass, guitar and is absolutely blessed on the keys.

For this record, the equipment he you used: Yamaha DX7, DSI Mopho, Ensoniq Mirage, Ableton Live, the web at large.

This one is money.  Check it out, support if you can, and share regardless!



Think Globally :: Salvasquared and Usedtobe Connect For ‘SnowMelt’

Austin-based MC Salvasquared has taken the old-ish adage of ‘think globally, act locally’ to heart with his latest single and video, the Usedtobe-produced ditty that is SnowMelt.  Over a diverse-sounding, cultural mixing beat, Salvasquared talks about how the experience of seeing the world not only puts your home-realm into perspective, but it changes you mentally as well, sometimes erasing thoughts and issues that formerly held you back.  Though most of us are grounded per shelter-in-place rules, I agree with Salvasquared in regards to how seeing the world can improve your scope, and highly recommend travelling to those that are able when they are able.  As for this video, definitely leave a like and a comment, share it around for all to enjoy, and support your local wandering creatives!