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The Golden Moment :: ‘Finally’, By Big Package And EVERYONE

Anom and Brokebread are good dudes.  The music they make collectively as Big Package is dope.  Over the years, they’ve worked with a who’s who of talented Texas hip-hop artists.  Finally is their opportunity to showcase the love they’ve shown and been shown… enjoy it, share it, and hope there will be another collaboration album in the future!



Spotlight On Labels :: WhyBe? Entertainment

These cats boast a heavy roster : Anom and Brokebread (Big Package), Emcee and DKOI (Sex, Death, Credits), Progress and Anna Little (who, along with DKOI form Ill Iterate), Joe AveRage and DJ Shoestring.  WhyBe? holds down an ill monthly at Plush, aptly titled Hip Hop That Doesn’t Suck.

These guys are also insanely on point where it counts… with the beats and rhymes.  Observe and listen: