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Good Combinations :: Cap’N Kirk And Click-Clack’s ‘FMBO e’klektik’


Back when I first heard Click-Clack‘s Housework II, one of the standout moments was the track Visionsfeaturing Cap’n Kirk of the Austin hip-hop massive SubKulture Patriots.  Hearing Kirk on Click-Clack‘s production really had me wanting to hear more.  Here we are, a few months later, and FMBO e’klektik has touched down.  I will have to return for a full review in the near future, but my initial listening sessions have been thoroughly enjoyable.  Check it out for yourselves, and don’t forget to share it with others.


The Golden Moment :: ‘Finally’, By Big Package And EVERYONE

Anom and Brokebread are good dudes.  The music they make collectively as Big Package is dope.  Over the years, they’ve worked with a who’s who of talented Texas hip-hop artists.  Finally is their opportunity to showcase the love they’ve shown and been shown… enjoy it, share it, and hope there will be another collaboration album in the future!