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Personal Demons :: Apek Drops Epic Music Video For ‘Morisque Novi’

Chosen Ones :: Apek Bends Minds With ‘The Village’


My man APEK recently hit me up with a track he collaborated on with producer Ruler Why that he thought I might feel.  Hitting play on The Village and the subsequent listen definitely had an impact on me… APEK hits the nail on the head about more than a few aspects of commitment to the hip-hop culture on a creator level that I directly relate to.  The way that it immediately puts you in outcast status in both musical and everyday social circles… the therapeutic aspect to writing that most do not see when they pass of your work as simply ‘a song’… the personal drive that keeps you pushing your own limits and boundaries, even when success has been achieved… the absurd, but very real, desire for tangible objects to validate your hard work, such as chains and clothes… the way that some people are just waiting for a chance to crucify you and make you irrelevant.  APEK has always been an MC that puts deep thought into his output, and The Village not only continues that trend, but shows positive growth in terms of writing songs that can be felt on a deeper level.  I anticipate this one (hopefully) getting some 2018 props when people start mentioning highlights of the year.



Audible Dimensions :: Apek Drops ‘CvltStatus’ Single


Austin-based MC Apek is hoping to make an impact in 2017.  As he prepares to release his upcoming project ShapeShift, a warning shot in the form of CvltStatus has been issued.  There seems to be a theme of duality running throughout the track.. the carnal and the spiritual, the secular and the unseen, and so on.  Very cool concept for a song, and I am interested to see where the full project goes.