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Outlaw Energy :: The Bright Light Social Hour And Riders Against The Storm (RaS) Combine Forces For ‘The Sheriff’

Parallel Realities :: (RAS) Riders Against The Storm Been Poppin’ MALI

The best forms of enlightenment tend to be the slow burns… quick aside, slight spoiler alerts on this one.

As I jumped on my morning to-do list (sorry for the lack of posts lately, real life needed tending to), one of the main things I had in mind was to check out the latest music video from (RAS) Riders Against the Storm.  I know I can count on quality work from this duo, but MALI was a journey that I was not quite prepared for.  The warehouse setting is beautiful, and I immediately was receptive to the juxtaposition of the slavery imagery and the flashy-cultural fashion that (RAS) is so well known for.  What was obvious in hindsight, but lost upon me until pointed out in verse 2 by Qi Dada, was the Mali/Molly comparison the duo had cleverly woven into the lyrics (with a perfectly appropriated trap-esque production bed to present it on).

As the slaves ‘freed’ themselves from their traps and began to dance, and the fullness of the slavery vs. style worship metaphor revealed itself in the final imagery, the shared journey left me ready for the day ahead.  Well done, (RAS), and here’s to nothing but great things in your future.



Giving Back :: Chaka Of (RAS) Speaks On E4


No Fear :: Riders Against The Storm (RAS) Explore ‘RE:AL’

In preparation for the release of their RE:Mixtape, the ultra-creative Austin hip-hop duo Riders Against The Storm (RAS) decided to take an Alabama Shakes tune, remix it, and turn it into a lead single/state of the union address.  You can catch the RE:Mixtape right here.


Our Precious Fluids :: (RAS) Riders Against The Storm Unleash All That ‘Booty Sweat’

Every day, it seems, (RAS) Riders Against the Storm give Austin hip hop heads one more reason to be happy they’ve chosen to join our ranks.  This time around, (RAS) has dropped a video for their party jam Booty Sweat that would make one proud.  Featuring footage from their Body Rock events, Juiceland, and other local points with some of my favorite Austin graf, it’s bound to be a prominent reminder of how the creative minds of the ATX get down.  Enjoy, share, and support!


Moves To Make You Move :: Riders Against The Storm Serve Up ‘Booty Sweat’

(RAS) Riders Against the Storm are an unmatched duo.  They’ve made dance parties wildly relevant in the Austin area with their Body Rock events, and now they’re keeping that heat going with a new single aimed straight at the dance floor.  Booty Sweat contains two mixes, and all proceeds go towards helping out the Ballet Afrique Contemporary Dance Company.  Go ahead and do your part by sharing and donating, and keep supporting (RAS).