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Lasting Impressions :: Check Out The Movies That Scarred Me Podcast


As I’ve mentioned recently, a major part of 2018 has been exploring every aspect of my relation to film, be it my love for the medium or my drive to create.  In the wake of this decision, the DOOMonFILM blog was created, and one of the goals for its creation was to open the door to new opportunities.  In just 3 short months of existence, the first opportunity has emerged in the form of an invitation to appear on the Movies That Scarred Me podcast, hosted by Nick Hanover and Mark O. Stack.  The two sit down weekly and talk about films the way that me and my friends do on a regular basis, and I am beyond excited to take part in this opportunity.  Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to share when my episode goes up, but check out the other 4 in the meantime.