Critical Review :: DOOMonFILM Now Available


When I initially created my website, I found myself with the option of a front page that I had no clue what to do with.  After a bit of deliberation, I decided that giving my friends a space to shine was the best choice, and I turned it into a blog.  Little did I know that I would so adept at it.

Of course, the step following learning is adaptation.  With the lessons I have learned from my music blog, I have decided to initiate another leg of my film journey by creating DOOMonFILM, a place for my critical review and analysis of cinema.  I will focus on theatrical releases, streaming cinema, classics and forgotten films, shorts, and much more.  I hope that fans of the current blog will enjoy my work over there, as I plan to put equal amounts of love and work into DOOMonFILM.  To visit, just click the image above, or head over to


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